Travel to JiangjunGuan - Generals' Barrier Great Wall of China - Best Options
Travel to HuangYaGuan - Yellow Cliff Great Wall of China - Best Options
Travel to Tongzhou District - Grand Canal near Beijing
Travel to Mentougou District - Peking Man Site , Lingshan Mt,  Dajue'  Temple
Travel to Daxing District - Beijing Milu Yuan Park
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The new Airport Terminal will include a large subway station enabling travelers to connect directly to their Hotels in the Central City or the ChaoYang Business District.

Latest Addition : Beijing 2015 Subway/Metro Map - All New Stations and Lines, Complete System. More Updates due Soon as we add our last Photos and then as much background information as possible !
The latest additions to the Beijing Public Transportation System in the final phases of construction. In this case the new fast transportation train to the Olympic Venues as seen between Beijing Exhibition Hall and Xizhimen train/subway Station in Haidian District.
Click Image for more Information on XizhiMen Station !
The caracteristic 3 Loops of Beijing North or XizhiMen Station in Haidian District.
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Full Map of the Beijing Subway System of 2015 AD
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In the recent past Beijing Municipality was difficult to reach for Foreign Travelers unable to speak and read Chinese and/or manage the intimidating Train Schedules and Bus Lines that lead into the Province.  For all practical purposes, hardly anyone traveled there
except by well organized guided tour and bus ride. The only alternatives for traveling into the Province where the train to Badaling to be taken from Xizhimen Station in the Haidian District and the Long Range Bus Lines traveling to Yiheyuan - Summer Palace and then onwards to Badaling Great Wall and the 13 Ming Tombs (Shi San Ling). Of course those with enough finance could arrange to rent a Private Cab (Taxi) for a day or rent a car en go anywhere wished for.

Today this is no longer the case. Starting with the advent of modernity in Beijing in the years between 2000 and 2002 AD, followed by rapidly by a massive economic boom and the development of the City as the host for the 2008 AD Olympic Games,
To Travel further West into Mentougou District the Subway/Metro system is no longer available. Only Trains and Cars can travel there.

Travel to get to Dajue Temple (and Miaoling Villa), take the Badaling Highway to the north and get off at the Beianhe Exit. Then take Beiqing Road to a T-junction. Turn left for the villa and turn right for the temple. Check your road signs along the way to make sure.

To Get there to Pearl Lake Scenic Area near the Valley of Roses: try taking Bus Line 336 from Pingguoyuan Subway/Metro Station to Hetan; take Mid-size bus to Zhaitang and then transfer to a small public bus to Zhenzhu Lake. Take your Time since it is quite a trip. An overnight stay could well be considered in order to further explore this area. Blue sky, white clouds, small rivers, mountains and steep gorges provide a stunning landscape excelent for pleasure hiking and perhaps fishing. A most worthwhile Canyon to visit is Yongding River Gorge. Also known as Yanjing’s three small gorges of the north or Small Lijiang.

For the Destination Lingshan Mountian, the highest Mountain the City Province and part of the Western Hills in Mentougou District, travel by Bus Route Number 929 Zhi (929支) from PingGuoYuan End Station of the Red Line 1 to Shuangtangjian Village (双塘涧), and then take a taxi to the Lingshan Mountain (灵山自然风景区). One can also hire a Private Cab for a day and get there in style. Mind the gridlock of Beijing's Road's and go on Time !
To Travel to the South-East, the Northern End of the historic "Grand Canal" - the largest man-made river in history and Tongzhou District either take the Subway/Metro Red Line 1 eastward to Tongzhou and 5 more stations beyond to its end station Tuqiao.
As Tongzhou is currently considered the very End of Chang'An Avenue, it can also be reached by Car, Taxi or Bus traveling along East Eternal Peace Avenue - Dong Chang'An Jie'.
Travel to the Outer Suburbs of the Southern Daxing District and the unique Beijing Milu Yuan Park through the Qianmen Tower and Bus Station at the South of The Square of Heavenly Peace (TiananMen Sq.). From Qianmen Bus Station underneath the Towers south side, take Bus Line 729 to Jiu Gong Bus Stop. At Jiu Gong Bus stop switch to mini bus transport for Beijing Milu Yuan. Its only a short drive from Jiu Gong to the Park..
Travel to the South-Western Fangshan District and the Home of the Peking Man directly through the Subway/Metro System is not Possible at this Moment. Travel to the South is possible through the Aquatic Line No.4, however the end of line so far lies at Majialou and Station.
Travel directly Westward in the direction of Liangxiang is possible using the Trains running out of Beijing Southern Railway Station - Yongding Zhan, lieying at walking distance south-west of the Yongding Men or Souther-most Gate of the Qing Dynasty Era (1644 AD - 1911 AD) outer Wall surrounding the Chongwen- and Fengtai Districts (of that Time).

Travel instructions for Fangshan District are Under research. More Follows Soon !
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An Outline Geographic Map o/t Southern & Western Regions of Beijing City Province and parts of Hebei Province. Map includes parts of Mentougou District, the Western Hills, Fangshan and Hebei and Shanxi province beyond.
More Sources on the Public Transportation System in Beijing !
Since early 2008 AD two options have been opened to Travel to the Airport, Shunyi Village and Area. A First and fastest is to travel on the Subway/Metro Yellow Line 13. But Mind you - the Yellow Line 13 is a new circular line arching around the Beijing 2008 Olympic Venues. The New Terminal 3 of Capital International Airport itself can only be reached through the L1 extension of Yellow Line, traveling from Dongzhimen Station only (Dongzhimen Station is the end station of the underground section of line 13 (Yellow) and a Station of the Blue Circular Line 2, as well).
This section is the first ever Light Railway line in Beijing. A environmentally friendly alternative needed for a fast developping city.
Another light electric train provides a direct -above ground- link to the new Terminal at Beijing Capital Airport as well as Shunyi Village. Travel above ground from Sihui Village on the Eastern extends of Subway/Metro Number 1 Line (Red).
Beijing has transformed itself into a thoroughly modern City with an extended public transportation system and quality facilities for Foreign Travelers. All road signs, train- and subway schedules are available in English Language and other such minimum necessities for comfortable travel have been installed. Direct Trains now connect to the Capital International Airport, Subway Lines arch the City and connect to outlying districts and a newly constructed highway system makes travel throughout easy.

For Some initial Directions:
The West. The Summer Palace in far North-West Haidian District has been connected to the Subway System. Follow Subway/Metro Line 4, the aquatic blue Line, to get off at either Yuanmingyuan for the Old Summer Palace Ruins, or Yiheyuan, at the South Gate and Main Entrance of the 19Th Century New Summer Palace.

Beyond lie the extensive Summer Palace Grounds and its Kunming Lake other area's now easily within reach from the City Center. Due South-West of the Summer Palace these are Beijing Botanical Gardens and Fragrant Hills Park, located in a green area together with the Temple of the Reclining Buddha (Wofo Si) and the Temple of the Azure Clouds, one of Beijings oldest and most popular Temples.
Take Bus Line 333 from The (New) Summer Palace and get there safely and comfortably. However, even better is the new option of travel by Subway/Metro. To travel to the Fragrant Hills and Monuments by underground train, simply take Line 1, the Red Line, and follow it to its end station at PingGuoYuan. From PingGuoYuan Station the Beijing Botanical Gardens and Fragrant Hills Park are within easy reach. The Temples stand nearby and are Part of the Parks.
A Bus Line, Number 318, connects from the Western Hills to the Summer Palace for those who wish to visit both.

Travel to the Mentougou District, one of the Six Outer Suburbs and located even more to the West and beyond remains far more difficult.

In the North-East lies Shunyi Village and the International Beijing Capital Airport. A Mix of Luxury Villa's, sub-industries of the airport, a community of modern artists and the largest exhibition center in Asia, Shunyi is still difficult to reach.
Travel to Jinshanling Great Wall of China - Best Options
In order to get to Jinshanling Great Wall of China, at a distance of some 120 to 140 kilometers North-East of Beijing in Hebei Province, there are several practical options.Follow the belwo instructions and spend a day hiking on the most beautiful and unique section of the Great Wall of China, far less a tourist magnet than Mutianyu and Badaling Sites !

The easiest method is to Take the train at Beijing Northern Train Station at Xizihimen or opt for the Eastern Railway Station. In both Cases purchase Tickets to Travel to Gubeikou. When at Gubeikou transfer to the direction Jinshanling Great Wall.
Since 2008 AD all signs of trains and schedules are bilingual English/Chinese, so it should be no problem to find your way.
In case this doesn't work out, Beijing has grown to become quite an international city. Try find a
younger person and ask for directions. It may well be they would love to practice their english. However, dont be gullable on directions.

Secondary Option: Go to a  International Youth Hostel such as Yin Yishi or another one near Dashilan West Street and ask inside to book a Seat on a Tour Bus leaving for Jinshanling. Since Jinshanling is so popular for hiking, most Hostels have tickets and arrangements available for anyone.

A Third good option for Travel to Jinshanling Great Wall of China is: Take long-distance bus at Beijing's Dongzhimen Bus station to Miyun county first, then take mini bus to Jinshanling tour area.

The 4Th Good Option is: Take long-distance bus at Beijing's Dongzhimen Bus station to Miyun county first, then take mini bus to Jinshanling tour area.

The Fourth Option, a complicated one: Go to Xuanwumen Bus Station at the South and Front of the South Cathedral (Nan Tang) and at the intersection of Dong Sishitiao (East 40th Street). This location marks the border of Xuanwu District and XiCheng District and is reachable through the Blue Circular Line 2 and the Aquatic Blue Line 4 of the Subway/Metro System.
From XuanwuMen Bus Station Take the Tourist Bus Line No. 12 to go to the Jinshanling Great Wall. Mind you however - This Bus only operates on statutory holidays).

Last Option: Hire a Taxi for a Day at a Cost of about 100-120 US Dollars (depending on Oil Prices) and hit the road in Luxury and by yourself. The Cabby can stay the day while you explore the scenery and considerable length of Wall.
Click Map to go to Full Version !!
So Far Best option is to go to Beijing Eastern Railway Station - Dongzhimen. This Station is easily reached by Subway/Metro.
From the Bus Station across from Beijing East Railway Station take Bus Line 918 Long Distance. This Bus travels directly to your destination and takes around three hours to get reach Huangyaguan.

A secondary option is to go to an International Youth Hostel such as the Jing Jishi Youth Hostel at West Dashilan Street. Other Internation Hostels can be found at the intersection of the newly created boulevard cut through the Hutong to reach the East Flank of TiananMen Square and Dashilan (Dashilar) Street. Others dot the old city center and the area of Shichahai or Jinding Bridge at Houhai Lake.
Beijing City
Tianjin City
HuangYaGuan - Yellow Cliff Great Wall location
Baoding (Hebei Province)
Shijiazhuang (Capital of Hebei Province)
Which ever International Youth Hostel you choose, ask for Transport and Tour. Although HuangyaGuan is part of Tianjin City & City Province, many from Beijing Travel there. There is a good chance you can book a direct Trip for a good price.

Huangyaguan Great Wall can also be reached by car or by bus from Tianjin City.
On the WEEKEND ONLY there are tourist bus available at the northeast bus station of Tianjin.
Apart from this there are also buses available from the Tianjin Railway Station, but these are far fewer in number.
To travel by Rented Car from Beijing or Tianjin, either: 
1. follow Jinwei Highway and Baoping Highway stretch directly to The Huangyaguan Great Wall.
2. Use the new Tianjin-Ji County Freeway and follow through on Bejing-Jinhai Lake Freeway. Using this alternative route  it only takes about one hour from Tianjin or Beijing to travel to Huangya Guan Great Wall.

Those who would like to stay overnight and reconnoiter the Area and Yelow Cliff Wall can book a Room at Huangya Shanzhuang Hotel, which is located inside Bagua Pass City and Village underneath the Great Wall.
Use the adjacent link for more information and direct Hotel Bookings in Beijing and Beijing Province.
So Far Best option is to Take Bus 918 at the Dongzhimen - Eastern Train Stations Bus Terminal to arrive at the Main Bus Station in Pinggu. At Pinggu Bus Station change to Bus Line 9 to Jiangjunguan & Great Wall.
This page was last updated on: March 19, 2017
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