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Beijing - The City of Beijing under Japanese Occupation between 1937 AD and 1945 AD
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Beijing - The City of Beijing between 1945 AD and 1999 AD, from the Japanese Occupation to Capital of the Peoples Republic :
This Section of the Beijing Report is intended as an In-Depth Introduction to the City of Beijing. Once Beijing was the Imperial Capital of the China for almost a 1000 Years.
Recently, throughout the 1980's and 1990's it was a City that Modernized quickly and thoroughly and in 2008 it was the host of the Olympic Games, presenting not only a completely new Facade but a City Transportation System to equal it.
To deal with the many expects of this fast changing City our Introduction is divided into two Sections.
Explore Beijing from a Historic Perspective, or skip the Past nearly completely and head to the Section on the Modernized City of Beijing Today. Whichever route you choose, find a practical Travel and Hiking Guide explaining the Details of this Huge City and leading your way to the Best Scenes and Sights.
An Introduction to the City of Beijing, Then and Now
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Beijing - Earliest History - Northern Song Capital 1153 AD - 1368 AD Rise of the Ming Dynasty :
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Beijing - The City of Beijing during the Ming and Qing Dynasties (1368 AD - 1911 AD) :
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Another Page is dedicated to the City of Beijing during the Era's of the Ming and Ching Dynasties. During the Third Reign of the Ming Dynasty, Beijing was founded as the National Capital leaving roughly the current blueprint of the Inner city was well as an astounding number of Monuments thoughout City and Province.
Their successors the Ching left the original Feng Shui inspired symbolic lay-out intact, but turned nearly the entire Capital into their very own Pleasure Garden. Follow the events and find changes made to the City during both Dynasties and find out more about what remains of them and what their significance is Today.
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Beijing a New and Modern City - Guide to Beijing Today :
Forgot about the Rich History of the City for a Moment and See the City of Beijing as it is Today; Modern and Ready as the Capital of the Nation in what may become the Chinese Century.
Use this Section Strictly as your City Guide, browse around today's Scenic Sights & Hotspots, Navigate and Travel through Beijing using Maps & Metro and get in touch with the reality of Beijing on the Ground.
More History of Beijing, on this Page reviewing the changes to the City of Beijing between the Fall of the Qing Dynasty in 1911 AD, and the short interval of the Japanese occupation of the City in 1937 AD.
During this Time Beijing fell out of grace as the National Capital for a while, and life in the City slowly went into decline. Or did it ? Read about on this Page.
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Beijing - The City of Beijing between 1911 AD and 1937 AD, from the First Republic to the Marco Polo Bridge Incident
Beijing History In Brief :
See Beijing through the eyes of Time and Explore Beijing from a Historic Perspective through the below Menu to the Historic Periods in Beijing's long past.
First up is the early history of Beijing, explaining the origins and foundings of the City.
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The Full Historic Introduction to the City of Beijing continues with a short but significant period in the existance of the City, the period of Japanese Occupation between the Fall of 1937 AD and August 0f 1945 AD, when Japan was forced to capitulate.
In a period of nearly 8 years the Japanese Forces and influence left their Mark on the City in various ways. Find out all the Details in our Page on the Japanese Occupied City of
Unfortunately, the End of the Japanese Occupation only marked the beginning of a new period of War in China.  The next episode was the Long expected confronation between the Nationalist Armies of the Kuomintang and the mainly peasant-based peoples
Liberation Army of the Communist Party. After a short Civil War in which Beijing was easily "liberated" , the City once more arose as the National Capital.
Review the short Civil War and learn what it meant for Beijing, and read about a new round of changes experienced by the Capital and its Citizens during the early years of the Peoples Republic of China. The Communist Era left its very own and significant mark on the City, among things changing the geographic location of the Political and Spiritual Center of the Nation, moving it from the Imperial Palace into the Square of Heavenly Peace, to symbolize of new Rule and (possibly) call upon a new Mandate of Heaven.
More came in the 1980's and 1990's after the Death of Great Helmsman Mao Zedong and the dawn of a new Political Era. Read all about it in the dedicated Page on 50 years of Communist Rule and Their Capital in the City of Beijing.
End your Review of the Full History of Beijing with the Year 1999 AD and the Dawn of the New Millennium. At the Time the Beijing Lufthansa Shopping Mall was the Most celebrated Modern feature in the City and the Millennium saw the re-opening of Ancient Wanfujing Shopping Street plus the official presentation of what was known as the Millennium Masterpiece of Beijing - now Oriental Plaza and the Malls.
From day 1 of the new Millennium the City of Beijing once more moved into High Gear and in 10 years Time it would be one of the Worlds Number One Modern Capital.
Read about the latest "Olympic" Make-over before orientating yourself on the City of Beijing today through our exclusive online Travel Guide with directions, Maps, backgrounds, hints & tips and of course more history on each district and landmark within it.
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