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Welcome to the Beijing Report, the growing Online Digital Report on Beijing , P.R.C.
or The Capital City of China and now the Olympic City of 2008. The Beijing Report brings you un-precendented photo-series (25.000+ photos ) on a growing number of Beijing Landmarks , plus some hot-spots and odd-spots from around the City and its Districts. Our Photo-Tours combine with Maps of all Landmarks & All Districts and a pleasant, but true and informing text, researched in-debt and completed by online resources, book tips, Hotel Bookings and Reviews and an evergrowing China and Beijing Best Photos Gallery for your convenience, The Beijing Report gives you a uniquely detailed view of- , insight in- and tour through the City of Beijing. Please enjoy our Free Presentation of this Friendly and Interesting City.
The China Report brings new photos & information on a weekly basis. Please share your experience, photos, questions or remarks through our Inter-active Forum at & Support our efforts & enjoy a shopping spree by clicking various product links.
Beijing , the current Capital City of China has a long history , dating back 1000's of Years. Once a medieval Capital of Khans and Emperors , then the Political Heart of the largest Empire in Asia, it is now the booming and bustling Capital City of an increasingly modern and rapidly advancing developing nation. In the City of Beijing the Old and the New Combine. And they do so at an ever increasing speed. Old gets torn down , new is born. The Beijing 2008 Olympics have Passed. New trends in China have taken hold and change the City of Beijing and its Peoples.
To make this all comprehensible to the reader, who like us , is exploring China ( almost ) for the First Time , The Beijing Report starts off simple. We take you on a Tour past the Well-known Landmarks of Beijing. and Historical Monuments of this Great Imperial City. Find them in our Main Menu !
From there on we explore further , as is natural for a
Tourist or Traveling Visitor. And we Discover ? More
and More new aspects of and stories behind this
ancient City ! Please return as often as you can as
we take you and ourselves to explore this exciting
city and report our adventures and discoveries
online for you.
See The Great Wall at Badaling in Snow !!
Introduction to The Beijing Report
The Beijing Report and Beijing in General
Guide to the Cities' Transportation System
Learn what to Find in the Outer Suburbs and how to Get There Easily !
Short backgrounds & how to Use of the Beijing public transport system including Metro, Taxi and Bus, usefull in getting you on your way. Digital photograps to go with each story and explanation, Beijing metro Map. Do's and Don'ts of Beijing Taxi hiring.
Short Introductionaries and Extensive digital photographic
Tours + researched backgrounds or history of All major and quite a few minor Beijing City Monuments , Landmarks, Museums and other places of interests. Hot-spots of Culture, Art and history. A Small selection of especially recommended Hotels.
A growing number of Short Introductionaries and Extensive digital photographic Tours of Monuments from China's history and other Excursions outside the City of Beijing (proper). Text and historical backgrounds to the Ming Imperial Dynastic Tombs, The Great Wall of China at several locations in Rural Beijing, the beautiful The Summer Palace Museum & Park in Haidian District at Beijing's North-Western Edge as well the famed Fragrant Hills and Western Hills beyond. Latest Additions - 6 Outer Suburbs & 4 Rural Districts !
The Beijing Report is part of the overall website &
A Map depicting the Entire City , All Districts within 6Th Ring Road, a Map depicting All Sites in Downtown Beijing within the 3Rd Ring Road. All Maps used in this Website : Downtown Beijing, The Forbidden City / Palace Museum and Tiananmen Square area, the Summer Palace Museum, city province, etc.
The Beijing Report - Beijing City Maps
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China's National Flower The Peony , on Stamp.
Beijing Normal Police Man , logo of the Beijing City Police.
A stone-carved Peony,
China's National Flower
The Official UNESCO-issue Beihai Park Souvenir Plate.
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Traditional Painted Decoration of a Red Dragon ( Ching Dynasty ) among Clouds at the Temple of Heaven Park.
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An Elevated View of a Beijing City Street
An Elevated View of a Beijing City Street Photographic Print
Gipstein, Todd
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Head your Way to the Most Famous Gate in China - The National Icon "Gate of Heavenly Peace (Tian'An Men)"
Tian 'An Men, the legendary and world-famous gate of Heavenly Peace that is almost synonymous with Beijing the City itself.
View of the Gate of Heavenly Purity inside the historic Forbidden City of Beijing.
Go Walk The Great Wall of China !!
A View along the Great Wall of China at Mutianyu near Beijing.
Learn what to Find in the Outer Suburbs and how to Get There Easily !
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4 Rural Districts
Guide to the Cities' Transportation System
Short Information how to Best & Easiest travel within the 6 Outer Suburbs and 4 Outlying Districts and The Great Wall of China near Beijing !!
See + Browse ALL Great Wall Locations near Beijing !!
Map Great Wall - Beijing City Province - All Locations
Map of Beijing City Province and ALL Locations of The Great Wall of China visitable within Beijing City Province and Immediate Vicinity.
Browse the Map to Find the Great Wall at far away Yellow Cliff (HuangYaGuan), little known JiangJun Guan, Steep and Eroded Simatai, world famous Jinshanling - the longest Great Wall Site in existence, Gubeikou, White Horse Pass (Bai Ma Guan),Beishicheng, Mutianyu, Jiankou, DaZhenyu, Huanghuacheng, XishuiYu, Juyong Guan Pass and Fortress, and finally Badaling the most visited Great Wall of China Site in the Peoples Republic.
Landmarks, Hotspots and Tourist Highlights of Beijing City Provinces outlying Rural Area's and their Backgrounds.
Including the Beijing Locations of the Great Wall of China !!
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Great Wall of China, Simatal, China
Great Wall of China, Simatal, China Photographic Print
Moos, Martin
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Great Wall at Simatai, Beijing, China
Great Wall at Simatai, Beijing, China Photographic Print
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Simatai Section of the Great Wall, Unesco World Heritage Site, Near Beijing, China
Simatai Section of the Great Wall, Unesco World Heritage Site, Near Beijing, China Photographic Print
Mcconnell, Andrew
Jinshaling Section of the Great Wall at the Beijing-Hebei Border
The Jinshanling Section of the Great Wall at the Beijing-Hebei Border Photographic Print
Gehman, Raymond
Changping District
Fangshan District
Daxing District
Tongzhou District
Huairou District
Beijing City
Beijing Normal Police Woman Logo
Best Online Guide to Beijing City !!
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Visit the YiheYuan - Qing Dynasty Summer Palace & Park !
Scenery of KunMing Lake at the Summer Palace Park in Haidian District
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Badaling Great Wall near Beijing.
Full Backgrounds + Introduction to Beijing - Past & Present (1153 AD - 2009 AD)
Get Full Introduction & Backgrounds on Beijing of
the Past as well as The Present via Above Menu Button. Read all about the lengthy History of The Old Imperial Capital of the Past as the Imperial Capital of China between the Year 1153 AD when it became the Capital of the Northern Song Dynasty and the Year 1999 AD, when a China and Beijing entered a New Millennium and quite Possibly the Chinese Century.

Bored with History ? Stay thoroughly in the Present with our Full Introduction to the Brand-New Modernized City of Today. Read about the latest changes brought by the Olympics of 2008 AD and the developments planned until the Year 2010 AD and beyond.
Beijing under Construction !! More Sooon !!
Explore the Largest Square in the World ! Click through to Tian'AnMen Square in Beijing !
The largest Square in the World - Tian'AnMen Square, another Iconic Landmark of Beijing born from the Revolution.
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Literally speaking still under Construction: a New & Vibrant Modern Beijing !
We all have had a Taste of what it will be like during the August 2008 AD Olympic Games, however the Plan will be completed in 2010 AD.
Beijing's Ancient Bell Tower time-keeper of the City
Help the China Report Staff in answering their open and outstanding Questions on issues Regarding the Monuments, Landmarks, Scenic sites and Tourist Hot-Spots of Beijing City and City Province. Help Nail down the Details on the Historic City remnants and Help give info on the Best Experiences - Historic or NEW- to be had in- and around the City.
Fill the Gaps ! Beijing Trivia ? Help Solve some Major & Minory Mysteries about the City of Beijing !!
Coming Soon to the Virtual City of Beijing !! (ETA December 2009) !
Find some noteworthy restaurants in Beijing favored by DrBen and his China Report Staff. Not the Michelin Guide but a Start for the Hungry.
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