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Landmarks & Hot-Spots - In Alphabetical Order
Landmarks, Monuments, Hotspots
- Alphabetical Order Menu -
Dashilan Shopping Street,
just South of TiananMen Sq.
Beihai Park ( North Lake ) and Yong An Temple
White Cloud Monastry, Fengtai District
Underground City of Beijing , Beijing Air Raid Shelters
Ox Street = Niu Jie' Mosque
Beijing Landmarks & Hot-Spots
The Forbidden City of  Emperors now the Imperial Palace Museum
A Virtual Visit to the Mao Era Underground City
Dazhalan - Beijing's Historic No1. Shopping Street
Wansheng Chinese Acrobatic Theatre
See the Beijing Acrobatic Troupe at their Home Theater
Oriental Plaza and Malls
Liu Lichang Culture Street
Jingshan Park / Coal Hill / Prospect Hill
Explore Jingshan Park and View the Forbidden City from the Hill !
Wanfujing Paleolithic
Museum at Oriental Plaza
The Wanfujing Plaeolithic Site underneath Oriental Plaza
Imperial Palace Museum Introduction
Enter The Virtual Gugong - Forbidden City
Visit Beijing's Ancient Observatory Watch Tower
Tiantan Park 2
Extensive DigitalTour
TianNing Buddhist Temple , reopened in 2005
Welcome to Beihai Park - An extensive 1st Introduction
Click to for an Introduction to TianNing Temple
Visit the Huge Oriental Plaza and Shopping Malls
Click to take the Extended Tiantan Tour
Explore the Forbidden City like never Before ! (Unique on the Internet)
White Cloud Temple & Taoist College a Digital Tour
Visit Ox Street and it's Hu Islamic Sites
Red Gate & Gallery
Visit the Red Gate and Red Gate Modern Art Gallery
Zheng YiCi Peking Opera Theatre , Oldest Wooden Theatre in China
Zheng YiCi - The Oldest Wooden Theatre in China
Tiananmen &
Main Menu
Browse around the sights and sounds of TiananMen Square
( The Old ) QianMen Station
Digital Tour, directions,background info and links on the Old QianMen Train Station
13 Ming Dynasty Tombs
(Shisan Ling) in Winter
The Great Wall of China at 3 Locations
A short Tour of The Summer Palace in Winter 2000
Take a short Tour at the Ming Dynasty Tombs
Ming and Qing Dynasty Era Observatory
A Digital Walk past the Anient City Walls unto the Red Gate
Hutong - QianMen
An Impression of QianMen and Other Hutong (Area's)
Dongjiaomin Catholic Church, heart of the Foreign Legation Quarter
Photographic Introduction to the Dongjiaomin Church at the Former Legation Quarter
The Great Hall of the Peoples at TiananMen Square Tour
Take the Great Hall Virtual Photographic Tour
Empress-Dowager Cixi's Marble Boat at The Summer Palace
Great Wall of China Tour !!
Sony Explora-Science Beijing , Sony Techology showcase in China
Visit Oriental Plaza and the Sony Exploratorium
Do some nice Chinese Shopping
Li Yuan Peking Opera Theatre and Jianghuo Hotel
Hong Qiao (Silk) Market
Great Shopping at Hong Qiao, nice prices
Exclusive Photo Impression of the Beijing Police Museum, only at The China Report
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Beijing Police Museum showcase of Police Art
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Visit The Delightful Li Yuan Peking Opera Theatre at the Jianghuo Hotel
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Ming Dynasty City Wall Relics Park
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Qian Hai (Lake) & Lotus Lane
An Introduction to a Romantic Corner of XiCheng District
Go to www.drben.net webring
Badachu Park (Eight Great Sights Temples)
Badaling Great Wall of China
Badaling Wild Animal Park
Baidaoyu Carts Cave (Miyun District)
Baima Guan Great Wall of China
BaiYunGuan - Monastery o/t White Clouds
Bao An Temple (Jingyongli, Xicheng)
Bao Guo Temple
Beiguan (Former Russian Embassy)
Beishicheng Great Wall of China
Beihai Park
Beijing Aquarium (of Beijing Zoo)
Beijing Blue Zoo (Chaoyang)
Beijing Botanical Gardens
Beijing Exhibition Hall
Beijing Folk Art & Folklore Museum
Beijing Folk Cultural Street
Beijing Foreign Language Press & Bookstore
Beijing Gymnasium
Beijing Museum of Tapwater
Beijing Nanhaizi David's Deer Park Museum
Beijing Planetarium
Beijing Planning Exhibition Hall
Beijing Police Museum
Beijing University of Technology
Beijing Wax Museum
Beijing World Park
Beijing Zhan - Main Railway Station
Beijing Zoo
Bell Tower
Big Buddha Temple (DaHui Si)
Buzili Town & Great wall of China
Capital Airport
Capital Hotel
Capital Library
Capital Theatre (Wanfujing)
Chairman Mao Mausoleum
Chang An Avenue
Chang Ling Mausoleum o/t Ming Dynasty
Chaoyangmenwai SOHO
Chaoyang Park
Chaoyang Theatre (Acrobatics)
Chaoyang Workers Stadium
China Art Gallery
China Aviation Museum (Changping District)
China Bee Museum (North West, Haidian)
China Bible Society
China Central Television Headquarters
China Central Television (CCTV) Tower
China Millennium Monument
China Mint Building
China National Film Museum
China National Flag Stand
China Railway Museum (Chaoyang)
China Railway Museum (Shenyangmen)
China Red Sandalwood Museum
China Space Flight Museum
China Unicom Hujialou (Chaoyang CBD)
China World Exhibition Center
China World Hotel
China World Trade Center
China Yishi Museum
Ching Dynasty Tombs - East
Ching Dynasty Tombs - West
ChongwenMen Hutong - Destroyed
Chongzhen Emperor Hanging Tree
Church - South Cathedral (XuanwuMen)
Church - Saint Joseph (East)
Church - Saint Savior (North)
Church - St. Michaels (Legation Quarter)
Circular City
Circular Mound Altar (Round Altar)
City Gate - DeshengMen
City Walls - Main Menu & Report
Coal Hill (Jingshan)
Confucius Temple (Kong Miao)
Continental Bank (Former)
Factory 798
Far East International Youth Hostel
Faxing Temple
FayuanSi - Temple o/t Source of the Law
Fengjiayu Great Wall of China
Fire God Temple - Chongwen
Fire God Temple - Dongcheng
Fire God Temple - Xuanwu
Five Pagoda Temple (WuTa Si)
Forbidden City (Imperial Palace Museum)
Fragrant Hills Park (Xiangshan)
Foreign Legation Quarter (Former)
Front Gate
Fuhai Park (Nanyuan Rd./Lianshui River)
Fuhui Temple
Fu WangFu - Residence Prince Fu
Dabaotai Han Dynasty Tomb
Dachengzi Great Wall of China
Dadu City o/t Yuan Dynasty (City Walls Park)
Dajiaoyu Great Wall of China
Dajue Si (Temple of Enlightenment)
Dashilan Street
Dashuiyu Great Wall (Qinglong Xia)
Dazhenyu Great Wall of China
DaHui Si (Big Buddha Temple)
Ding Ling Mausoleum
Ditan Park
Dizhi Hall (Xisi Xicheng)
Dong 'An Imperial City Wall & Gate Ruins
DongDan Park
DongDan Plaza
DongHuaMen Night Market
DongjiaoMin Catholic Church
DongSi Mosque
Dong Tang (East Cathedral - St. Josephs Church)
DongYue Temple (Folklore Museum)
Dragon God (or King) Temple
Dragon Happiness Temple Street (LongFuSi Jie)
Dragon Spring Temple (Western Hills, Haidian)
Dragon Pond Park (Longtan GongYuan)
Drum Tower
Duan Men (Upright Gate)
Madian Mosque
Mall - Dong An & Sun Dong An Plaza
Mall - New World
Mall - Oriental Plaza
Mall - Soshow
Mao Dun Former Residence
Mao Zedong Former Hutong Home (Gulou / Zhonglou)
Mao Zedong Former Residence (Caishikou)
Mao Zedong Mausoleum
Mao Zedong's Train (China Railway Museum Chaoyang)
Marco Polo Bridge (Lugou Qiao)
Matteo Ricci Tomb
Matrix Internet Cafe
May 4Th Movement Monument
Mei Lanfang Residence Museum
Meridian Gate (Wu Men)
Miao Ying (White Dagoba) Temple
Miaoyun Temple
Military Drilling Ground (Hongqi Village, Haidian)
Military Museum o/t Chinese Peoples Revolution
Millennium Monument
Milu Yuan - Milu Deer Park (See 6 Outer Suburbs)
Ming Dynasty City Wall Relics Park
Ming Dynasty Tombs
Ming Dynasty Tombs Archeological Finds Museum
Ministry of Public Health
Miyun Museum
Monument t/t Heroes o/t Revolution
Mosque - Dong Si
Mosque - Ox Street
Mosque - West Flower Market Street
Museum of Imperial Examinations Steles
Museum of Red Sandalwood
Museum o/t Revolution & Museum of Chinese History
Mutianyu Great Wall of China
Lama Temple - YongHeGong
Lao She Tea House
Legation Street (Former) - East
Legation Street (Former) - West
Legend of Kung Fu (Show)
LG Twin Towers
Lianyunling Great Wall of China
Liao-Jin City Wall Museum
Li Dazhao Martyrs' Cemetary
Li Dazhao Residence
Liu Lichang Culture Street
Liuyin Park (Liuyin Gongyuan)
Li Yuan Peking Opera Theatre
Lodge o/t Nourishment of Nature
Long Fu Si Jie' (Shopping Street)
Long Life Temple (Wangshou Si)
LongTan GongYuan (Dragon Pond Park)
Lotus Lake Park (Lianhuachi Gongyuan)
Lotus Lane
Lugou Qiao (Marco Polo Bridge)
Lu Xun Former Residence (Caishikou)
Lu Xun Former Residence Museum
Jade Spring Mountain
Jianshou Ling Cemetary (Changping District)
Jiaozi Hutong (Dong Si, Dongcheng)
Jinding (Silver Ingot) Bridge
Jianghuo Hotel (Li Yuan Theater)
Jiankou Great Wall of China
Jingshan Area Hutong Alleys
Jingshan Park - Coal Hill Park
Jinshanling Great Wall of China
Jiuyanlou Great Wall of China
Juyongguan Fortress & Great Wall of China
Galaxy Soho
Gaobeidan Folk Cultural Street
GaoJiDian - Imperial College
Gate of Divine Military Might (Shenwu Men)
Gate of Heavenly Peace (Tian an Men)
Gate of New China - XinHuaMen
Generals' Pass Great Wall China
Geological Museum of China
Glory Plaza Hotel
Gold Mountain (Jinshanling) Great Wall
Gong WangFu - Prince Gong Residence
Grand Brands of China Exhibition
Grand Hotel Beijing
Grand Millenium Tower
Grand Princess Palace (Miyun)
Grand View Garden
Great Bell Temple (DaZhong Si)
Great Hall of the Peoples
Great Wall of China
Great Wall of China Museum (Badaling)
Guandi Temple
Guanghua Lu SOHO
GuangHua Temple
Guangji Monastery (Great Charity Temple)
Guanwang Temple (SE Chaoyang)
Guanyuan Park (Xicheng District)
Gubeikou Great Wall of China
Gugong - (Imperial) Palace Museum
Gu Lou - Drum Tower
Guo Moro Former Residence
Nanbajie Hutong (Caishikou, Xuanwu)
Nanhaizi Milu Park Garden Museum (Luyuan Rd, Chaoyang)
Nanhai Guild Hall (Kang Youwei Former Residence)
Nankou Pass Great Wall of China
Nan Tang - South Cathedral
National Film Museum
National Museum of Chinese History
National Museum of Chinese Literature
National Peoples Congress - Body Office Building
National Theatre (Dome)
National Theatre (Dome) 2004 Update
Neiwubu (Ministry o/t Interior) Street
Nexus SOHO
New Beijing Planning Exhibition
Nine Dragon Screen (Beihai Park)
Nine Dragon Screen (Palace Museum)
Ninghe Temple (Former)
Niu Jie Libai Si (Ox Street Mosque)
Northern Church / Cathedral
North Korea Embassy
Numismatic Museum (Continental Bank)
Observatory Museum
Old Beijing Library (Hanlin)
Old Summer Palace (Ruins) (YuanMingYuan)
Olympic Forest Park
Olympic Park Beijing - Olympic Venues
Ordination Temple
Oriental Plaza
Ox Street Mosque
Qianhai Lake - Introduction
Qianhai Lake - Eastern Lake Shore
Qianhai - Lotus Lane
Qianmen East Alley (Hutong)
QianMen Former Train Station
Qianshui He Great Wall of China
Qian Yi Internet Cafe
Qi Baishi Frmr. Residence (Xisi, Xicheng)
Qinglong Xia Great Wall of China
Qinglongqiao Great Wall of China
Qingnian Hu (Park)
Qiwang Tomb
Sanlitun Bar Area
Sanchakou Great Wall of China
Shanrong Culture Exhibition Hall
Shaoxing Guild Hall (Lu Xun Former Residence)
ShiChaHai - Traditional & Bar Street
Shiliuzhuang Park (Songjiazhuang)
Shi San Ling - 13 Ming Tombs
Shixiguan Great Wall of China
Shuiguan Great Wall of China
Silver Ingot Bridge
Silk Alley Building
Simatai Great Wall of China
Sky Sea Restaurant (Old & New)
Solidify Lake Park (Tuanjie Hu Gongyuan)
Sony ExploraScience Museum
Soong Ching-Ling Residence Museum
Source of the Law Temple
South Cathedral (Nan Tang)
Soshow Entertainment Shopping Mall
Square of Heavenly Peace
St. Josephs' Church
St. Michaels' Church
Summer Palace Museum Park
Sun Dong An Plaza
Sun Yat Sen Former Residence Museum
Sun Yat Sen Park
Supreme Peoples Court
Railway Station - Main (Beijing Zhan)
Railway Station - West
Red Building of Beijing University
Red Gate & Red Gate Modern Chinese Art Gallery
Red Sandalwood Museum
Red Snail Temple (Huairou)
Red Theatre (Legend of Kung Fu Show)
Rendinghu Park
RenMin Dahui Tang - Great Hall o/t Peoples
Residence of Prince Fu (Fu Wanfu)
Residence of Prince Gong (Gong WanFu)
Residence Prince Xu Tong
Rewi Alley Retirement Home (Taijichang Street)
Ritan International Trade Center
Ritan Park (Altar o/t Sun)
Round Altar (Circular Mound Altar)
Rue Hart
Ruins Dadu City Walls of Yuan Dynasty
Ruins of the Dadu City Walls of Yuan Dynasty
Russian Embassy (Former) - Beiguan
Han Dynasty Tomb of Dabaotai
Heaven and Earth Theatre (Tiandi / Universal)
Hefangkou Great Wall of China
Heilong Pool (Beishicheng, Miyun District)
Heiguan (Wuhu Men) Great Wall of China
Hong Qiao Pearl & Silk Market
Horse Culture Museum of Beijing (Badaling)
Houbaolin Frmr Residence Longfusi East Str.)
Houhai Lake - Bar Area
Houhai Lake - North Shore
Huanghuacheng Great Wall of China
Huguang Guild Hall
Huguo Wanxing Temple & Tablets
Hujing Water Park (Huairou)
Hunan Guild Hall (Mao Zedong Frmr Res.)
Huoshen Temple
Hutong - ChongwenMen Area
Hutong - Jingshan Area of Dongcheng
Hutong - QianMen Area
Hutong - Xuanwu Dashilan-Liu Lichang Area
Hyatt Oriental Plaza Hotel
Zhangzizhong Road
Zhang Tianyou Memorial Hall (Badaling Scenic Spot)
Zhengjue Temple (of Yuanmingyuan Park)
Zheng Yici Temple Opera Theater
Zheng Yi Road
Zhengyuan Mosque
Zhenzhu Fountain (Yanqing County)
Zhenzhu Lake (near Zhuwo Reservoir)
ZhiHua Temple
Zhongdu Town Ruins (Fengtai)
Zhuangdaogou Great Wall of China
Zhong Lou - Bell Tower
Zhong Shan (Sun Yat-Sen) Park
Zhumao Hutong
Zijin Guan (near Wangshou Temple)
ZiJin Guesthouse
Zizhu Yuan Gongyuan (Purple Bamboo Park)
Zoological Gardens of Beijing
Taishang Liaojun Temple
Tank Museum (Yangfang Town, Changping)
Tansitong Former Residence (Caishikou)
Taoranting Park
Tapwater Museum
Tea House - Lao She
Temple of Agriculture (Former Altar of Grain)
Temple of Enlightenment (Dajue Si)
Tiantan Temple of Heaven - Main Menu
Temple o/t Azure Clouds (Biyun Si)
Temple of Heavenly Peace (TianNing Si)
Temple of the Emperors of the Past Ages
Temple of Great Charity (GuangJi Si)
Temple of Huguo Wanxing & Tablet
Temple of Huoshen
Temple o/t Reclining Buddha (Wofo Si)
Temple o/t Source of the Law (FaYuanSi)
Temple of the Sun (Altar of the Sun)
Temporary Palace of Genghis Khan
The Place (Mall)
Tian an Men Square
Tiandi Juanshixuan Art Museum (Chaoyang)
TianNing Temple
Tianshou Mountain & Cemetary (Changping)
Tiantan Park
Tomb of Matteo Ricci
Tongjian Temple
Tuanji Hu Lake Park (Chaoyang)
IFC Towers, A and B (Chaoyang CBD)
Imperial Ancestral Temple (Tai Miao)
Imperial College (Goa Ji Dian)
Imperial City East Wall Ruins
Imperial Palace Museum
Imperial Garden (Yu Huan Yuan)
Imperial Library (Huangshicheng)
Iron Wall in Silver Mountain
Underground City
Underground Mausoleum (Ding Ling)
Universal Theatre (Tiandi Theatre)
Upright Gate (Duan Men)
Wanfanting Park
Wanfujing Cathedral (=East Church)
Wanfujing Paleolithic Museum
Wanfujing Shopping Street
Wanfung Modern Art Gallery
WanPing Walled Village
Wansheng Acrobatic Theatre
Wanshou Park (Xuanwu)
Wanshou (Long Life) Temple
Wen TianXiang Temple
Western Church
Western Railway Station
Western Waterway
West Flower Market Street Mosque
White Cloud Monastery (BaiYun Guan)
White Dagoba (at Beihai Park)
White Dagoba (at FuchengMen Nei Dajie')
Wolong Park (Shunyi)
Workers Gymnasium
Workers Stadium
World Flower Garden
World Park
World Trade Center (of China)
Wuling Shan Great Wall of China
Wu Ta Si (Five Pagoda Temple)
Vibes Discotheque
Agricultural Exhibition Center
Airforce National Aviation Museum
Airport (Capital)
Air Raid Shelters
Aiwei Residence & Studio (Chaoyang)
Altar of the Earth
Altar of the Moon
Altar of the Sun
Ancient Mosque of Suzhou Street
Ancient Tombs of Shanrong (Yanqing)
Ancient Observatory
Anna Louise Strong Retirement Home
Anyingzhai Great Wall of China
Arrow Tower
Asian Games Village
Aviation Museum (Beijing University)
Azure Clouds Temple (Biyun Si)
Yanqing Temple
Yellow Cliff Great Wall (HuangYaGuan)
Yellow Temple (Huang Si) (Andingmenwai)
YiHeYuan - Summer Palace
Yintai Building (Chaoyang CBD)
Yixing Park (Puhuangyu, Chongwen)
Yong An Temple
YongHeGong - Lama Temple
Youth Hostel - Far East Intl. (Jing Yishi)
Youth Lake Park (Qingnianhu Gongyuan)
YuanMingYuan - Old Summer Palace
YueTan Park - Temple of the Moon Park
Yuting Park (South Moat)
YuquanShan (Jade Spring Mountain)
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XianNongTan Stadium & Altar
XiangShan Gongyuan (Fragrant Hills Park)
Xiangshuihu Great Wall of China
Xiaoxihu Great Wall of China
Xidamochang Jie (Underground City Lane)
Xidan Shopping Zone
Xin'Ao Shopping Center (Haidian)
Xinglong Park
XinHuaMen - Gate of New China
Xishuiyu Great Wall of China
Xizhimen Railway Station
Xuanren Temple (Former)
Xuanwu District Hutong
Xuanwumen Hutong (near South Cathedral)
Xu Beihong Memorial Hall
Xu Beihong School
Xu WangFu - Prince Xu Residence
Pailou = Wooden Archway - Jingshan Dajie'
Pailou = Wooden Archway - QianMen Dajie'
Palace Museum (Forbidden City)
Palace of Imperial Peace (Qin An Dian)
PanJiaYuan Flee Market
Park of the Peoples Culture
Park o/t Ruins o/t Dadu City o/t Yuan Dynasty
People's Daily Publishing House Headquarters
Petrified Forest (Yanqing County)
Pingbei Memorial Hall o/t Ant-Japanese War
Planning Exhibition Hall
Poly Art Museum
Poly Theatre
Prince Fu Palace & Garden
Prince Gong's Palace & Garden
Prince Yi Xuan Memorial Temple (Gulou)
Prince Yi Xuan's Tomb (Beianhe, Haidian)
Prince Xu Tong Former Residence
Pu Du Temple
Purple Bamboo Park
Eastern Church (St. Josephs Church)
Eastern Waterway
Edgar Snow Mausoleum & Tomb (Beijing University)
Eight Great Sights Temples (Badachu Park)
Embrasured Watchtower (DeshengMen)
Embassy - Cuba
Embassy - North Korea
Eunuch Exhibition Hall (of Beijing)
Ethnic Minorities Cultural Park
Eternal Peace Avenue (Chang An Av.)
Exhibition Hall of Shangzhai Culture (Jinhailu Tourist District)
Exhibition Hall of Shanrong Culture (Yuhuangmiao Village)
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A Map depicting the Entire City , All Districts within 6Th Ring Road, a Map depicting All Sites in Downtown Beijing within the 3Rd Ring Road. All Maps used in this Website : Downtown Beijing, The Forbidden City / Palace Museum and Tiananmen Square area, the Summer Palace Museum, City Province, etc.
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This Page holds a Quick & Complete List of All Monuments, Museums, Landmarks, Parks, Temples & Mosques, Malls & Shopping Streets, Theaters, Hotspots and other sites reported on by The Beijing Report, sorted and listed on Alphabetical Order. Please use this Menu and Website as your quick-guide to Beijing City & Province.
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The Ancient Beijing Observatory at JianguoMen on the 2nd ring road bordering Chaoyang. Established in the  Yuan & early Ming Dynasty the Observatory is a relic of Chinese Scientific history and a remnant of the City Walls of the Imperial City.
The showcase of the Capital Cities' Public Security Bureau the Beijing Police Museum is located in the (former) Foreign Legation Quarter just East of TiananMen Square. As are the petition office of the High Court. This area, once home to the Imperialist Embassies during China's subjection to Foreign Powers is now the Home of Beijing Municipal Governement and its Public Security
Former Imperial Pleasure Garden Beihai Park with its Jade Island, Yong An Temple and magnificent Bai Ta white Dagoba visible from afar on the Beijing Skyline. One of the, if not the best preserved Regal Gardens in China, Beihai Park is one of Beijing's true cultural treasures and has been declared a United Nations World Heritage Site. Beijing now Totals 5 World Cultural Heritage Sites.
Dashilan, one of the oldest and most famous of historic shopping streets in
Beijing is found South of TiananMen
Square on the border of the southern Chongwen- and Xuanwu Districts. These districts south of QianMen, just outside the Wall were the trading heart of the Imperial City during both Ming and Qing Dynasties.
The world famous world heritage Forbidden City now Palace Museum, the former Imperial Palace of 6 Centuries and the largest and most impressive place in the world entire.
China's People's-Democratic Parliament the Great Hall.
One of the visible remnants of the time of the Legations is St. Michaels Church on Dongjiaomin Road aka (Former) Legations Street.
This small Catholic Church of French origin was constructed in 1901 AD after the chinese uprising against Foreign
Dominance in the Boxer Rebbellion of 1900. The legations were only abolished in 1949 AD when the Chinese re-asserted selfrule in the Peoples Republic of China, leaving empty legations nearby St. Michaels Church.
Layed out in a ring West, North and North-East around Beijing are the Jundu Mountains where
one can find one of the greatest achievements of mankind, the legendary Great Wall of China. The Wall-section nearest to Beijing is the Badaling Pass some 60 kilometers from City center and nearby the Ming Dynasty Tombs, but there are more
locations. Travel to Mutianyu or Simatai for more specta-cular or unrestored sections. The Great Wall runs further
North-East and West from Beijing giving opportunity for wild hiking and even camping (near) the Great Wall.
Formerly known as the Thiefs Market to Foreigners stationed in the 19Th and 20Th Century, Hong Qiao Market is a market location with a
long history. Located just East of
      Tiantan Park north gate Hong Qiao is now housed in a Modern Building standing adjacent the Hutong it sprouted from until these were torn down in the years 2004 through 2005.
The former Imperial Palace better known as the Forbidden City stretches for a kilometer north from TiananMen Square.
Absolutely the number one tourist attraction in the City of Beijing, the Palace is crowned by its adjacent Jingshan Park - with a panaroma view over the Forbidden
City- and Beihai Park, the Imperial Pleasure Garden favored by Emperor Qianlong.
The City of Beijing is full of Historic and Monumental Sites, many dating from its rich imperial history. The Capital of China, with a pause, since the 12Th Century Beijing offers a host of choices.
Truely the heart and soul of the historic Capital City, the charming Beijing Hutong are now endangered by modernity.
Beihai Park and the Forbidden Cities' counterpart the truely magificent and romantic Summer Palace. The Imperial Garden Palace on Beijing's outskirts.
Liu Lichang - Formerly a famed antiques and curiosa street and Home of the Jade-Carving, Jewelry and other trading guilds during Imperial Days now mostly a renovated cultural bazaar.
The world cultural heritage and world famous Ming Tombs Valley near Badaling Pass is home to the Mausoleums of the Ming Dynasty, a dynasty that ruled China for 4 centuries. Today it can be an overrun tourist magnet, at other times one will find a serene spacious valley to dwell and explore history.
Just south of Liu Lichang Street in Xuanwu District the Jianghuo
Hotel not only provides 3 star service, it is also a leader in the local Theatre Market, bringing the excellent Li Yuan Peking Opera Theatre. A good location from where to scout out Beijing central city, the Peking Opera Theatre is one of the best in
the city and the market leader. It is possible to reach Liu Lichang and the Hutong between Liu Lichang and Dashilan from the Hotel on foot.
The most official relics of the Imperial Cities' defensive walls that were torn down in the early 1950's are found at the  Ming Dynasty City Walls Park. The Park is located just south of the Beijing Main Railway Station but on the other side of tracks. Thus, a walk there usually begins at ChongwenMen, once the site of a Gate east of QianMen (Front Gate) and Ends at the corner Tower DongBianMen, now home to the Red Gate Chinese Contemporary Art Gallery, famed around the World.
The Largest Mosque of Beijing and one of its most historic is found in Xuanwu District. The Dongsi and the West Flower Market Street Mosque are the only other surviving historic Mosques of the grand old Imperial City.
Several other modern Mosques are found in the outer districts ringing the
central city.
Beijing's so called millenium master
-piece Oriental Plaza, luxury
shopping adjacent revived historic shopping street Wanfujing smack in central Beijing.
TianNing stone Temple Pagoda is the oldest building in Beijing, the main structure dating back to the 12Th Century
and the Liao Dynasty of Northern China. Out of use and decaying for several decades the historic pagoda survived an earthquake in 1976, later to be archeoligically protected and restored. It is now open to the public and in use as Buddhist shrine since the year 2005.
Tiantan Park is home to Beijing's famous Temple of Heaven, a sacred altar of the Imperial Family and the spiritual center of China. Layed-out South of the
inner Imperial City in Chongwen, Tiantan and its Hall of Prayers for Good Harvests are another UNESCO world heritage site.
The chinese
architectural wonder of
Located in the very western basements of giant Oriental Plaza Shopping Mall the Wanfujing Paleolithic site was uncovered in 1999 during construction of Oriental Plaza.
Theatre Temple, the ancient beating heart of Peking Opera is a small treasure hidden away in the Xuanwu Districts intimate Hutong that has seen performances by
Mei Lanfang
Outside the former Western City Gate in the Fengtai District lies the BaiYungGuan Monastery, a religious complex especially popular during Chinese Spring Festival. Home to some very ancient 10Th century clay buddha's the monastery is mainly known for its "Luck Bell".
An instant tourist hit Cold War relic Beijing Underground City air raid shelters offers a unique insight into the bygone recluse days of communist China during the Cold War. Now a tourist highlight, the tunnels are a must for anyone interested in china's history.
Walk inside Oriental Plaza at Wanfujing to find not only Malls but two hidden Museums, Sony Explorascience and the Wanfujing Paleolithic Museum.
Sony Explora-science
is Sony's Showcase in China
and a fun play-attraction for children. Find out more about science and sony at Oriental Plaza.
World Famous TiananMen Square, the largest
square in the World.
Zheng Yici
Wansheng Acrobatic Theatre, a historic location for Chinese Acrobatics in Beijing being housed here
since the early 20Th century. Former Home to the Beijing Acrobatic Troupe, but now under new name and fresh management the former-Wansheng is traditionally the address for high level acrobatics. New Theatres have opened after the turn of the millenium, offering competition and great shows. The Wansheng however is still a charming place to witness excellent performance.
of the same name on the second ring road and the railway tracks exiting Beijing Zhan, the Main Railway Station. An impressive remnant of the Imperial Capital's defensive Walls, the watchtower is now a Museum that can be visited and is also home to the Red Gate Gallery of Beijing. The Red Gate Modern Chinese Contemporary Art Gallery is one of the most renowned in China and worth a visit. Find the Watchtower with Red Gate Gallery inside at the western ending of Ming Dynasty Era City Walls relics Park. That is east of ChongwenMen.
DongbianMen Arrow-watchtower lies at the important overpass
Until about 1936, the Main Railway Station of Beijing was located due south of TiananMen Square (which didn't exist then), outside the
Imperial Cities' impressive front gate (QianMen). Not in function since long the QianMen Station still remains standing and can be visited. In modern days the station is home to the China Railway Museum (Shenyangmen), a model train shop, a KFC, and some other shops.
The Qian Yi Internet Cafe (one of Beijing's first and its small theatre have gone.
From Beihai - the North Lake - the Qianhai extends North upstream to Houhai. Once smaller imperial gardens, both
lakes are parts of historical waterways running from the western hills through to the Forbidden City.
They are now increasingly in use as
entertainment zones offering a multitude of Bars.
The New Beijing Concert Hall - National Theatre Dome !
National Theatre Dome
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The Cathedral North of Wanfujing - St. Joseph's Church
Wanfujing Cathedral or East Church, just North of Wanfujing
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Eternal Peace Avenue, Beijing's Grandiose thoroughfare and the longest boulevard in Asia entire !
The Gate of Great Achievement at the Confucius Temple.
Visit the Largest Confucian Shrine in North China !
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See the Beijing Acrobatic Troupe at their Home Theater
Xidan High End Shopping Zone
Forget the Temples, Palaces and the Past, here is to the future and the modernity of the newly arisen world Capital of Beijing. Apart from the opulance of some parts of the Chaoyang Central Business District and lately the Dengshikou Area, a sure address to look on the bright side of Beijing is to head down to Xidan by subway and immerse ones self in the crowds that flock to look, look, look and shop. Several International Brands have presented themselves with astonishing Flag Ship stores, turning it into a hub of the Fab and wanting in the 22 million megametropolis of Beijing today. Check out the glitz and dazzle and pay handsome prices for your top end wares.
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! Browse Beijing Landmarks by Function !
! Browse Beijing Landmarks by Function !
! Browse Beijing Landmarks by Function !
Kang Youwei Former Residence (Caisikou)
Kerry Center (Chaoyang CBD)
China National Railway Museum in NE Chaoyang
Visit Beijing's Ancient Observatory Watch Tower
The Circular Mound Altar at Temple of Heaven Park
The Ancient Altar of Heaven - a Holy Place at the holy Temple of Heaven Park ..
Bureau. The National Public Spy Agency Headquarters, a giant white marble cube, was built along East Chang An avenue inside the legations in the years 2004/2005.
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