A Map depicting All Sites in Haidian District - Click Map to go to Full Version !
Haidian is a District , now part of the Great City with ......
Beijjing Planetarium
Summer Palace - YiHeYuan Map
Beijing Zoo
Summer Palace Museum
Gate of New China (Xinhua)
Botanical Gardens Map
(Old) Summer Palace (YuanMingYuan) Introduction
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China Central Television Tower !
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Beijing Zoo
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Yuyuantan Gongyuan (Park)
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at Sunrise
Beijing at Sunrise Photographic Print
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Wangshou - Long Life Temple
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The Famous Great Panda Bears of the Beijing City Zoo. Don't miss out !!
Exterior of Exhibition Hall, Beijing, China
Exterior of Exhibition Hall, Beijing, China Photographic Print
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Beijing Dance Academy
Big Buddha Temple (DaHui Si)
Big Buddha Temple (DaHui Si)
Five Pagoda (Zhenjue) Temple
The Small & Hidden Big Buddha Temple !
Five Pagoda Temple (WuTa Si)
The Bhurmese Styled Five Pagoda & Stele Museum !
China Mint Building
China'sMoney Machine ? The Mint !
Visit the Huge 1950's Era  Exhibition Hall of Beijing
Beijing Exhibition Hall
The Largest Bronze Bell in Beijing and More !
Great Bell Temple
Beijjing Exhibition Hall
China Mint Building
XizhiMen Station - Train + Metro/Subway
White Dagoba Temple
Northern Church - Saint Savior
Great Bell Temple
Temple Emperors o/t Past Ages
One of the Main Hotels in Haidian District
Beijing Friendship Hotel
Matteo Ricci Tomb
Ruins Dadu Palace Yuan Dynasty
Friendship Hotel
Summer Palace in Winter
A short Tour of The Summer Palace in Winter 2000
A wintery and snowy introduction to the magnificient Summer Palace museum at the  North-
Western outskirts of Beijing City.
Take a photographic tour with novice level Historic explanation of this important Cultural Relic that was home to the Imperial Throne of the later Ching Dynasty (after the Burning of The Old Palace in 1890) and the place from where the  most hated and notorious woman in China's history , Empress-Dowager Hsu Tsi ,wielded her Powers.
Summer Palace Digital Tour
Click to Enjoy a Full Digital Tour of The Summer Palace
An extended virtual tour of The Summer Palace Museum , deepening the visitors knowledge of the Summer Palace site and China's history.
New highlights of the Summer Palace including digital photography and sound.
Visit the WenChang Tower and Wenchang Imperial Art Gallery (Museum). New photo's of traditional Ming style decorations and paintings , learn more about Chinese Imperial History and the decline of China's last Dynasty, the Manchu Ching.
Online Bibliography
Includes Sound Bonus
The Beijing Report Home
A rough Schematic Overview Map of the Fragrant Hills Area of Haidian and Mentugou Districts in Beijing, marking the locations of the Wofo Temple, Biyun Temple, Fragrant Hills Park and both the Old and New Summer Palaces and their Parks.
Click and Follow the Links to more Information on each specific location !
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Beijing Botanical Gardens
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Fragrant Hills Park
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Temple Reclining Buddha
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Temple o/t Azure Clouds
Browse the Park with the Ruins of the Burned Down 1st Imperial Summer Palace ....
Old Summer Palace - YuanMingYuan
Visit the Stalinist styled Military Museum o/t Revolution !!
Military Museum o/t Chinese Peoples Revolution
Military Museum o/t Chinese Peoples Revolution
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Olympic Park - Olympic Green
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Fragrant Hills Park Map
In 1949 AD Beijing once more became the National Capital of China, the political center of what was to be The Peoples Republic of China, a socialist state.
As the central leadership arrived
in the city the far majority of them first took residence in the Western Hills of Beijing. The entire region, a very large area, was reserved for the Communist Party Elite, and for several reasons all normal residents were moved out. From that time on the Western Hills would be where the Estates from the parties well to do were huddled together, protected by security guards and walls from prying eyes, but also where military airfields, underground bunkers, a secret military headquarters and other still secret facilities were built.
The Communist Party Leadership moved away from the Central Hills in late 1950 AD, taking up residence in the now fully equipped Zhongnanhai Complex, formerly an important section
Enjoying a boat ride across the Kunming Lake at the Yiheyuan Summer Palace. A marvelous experience for any one, Emperor or common citizen.
Throne and thus the Heavenly mandate from succesive Emperors and remained in power until her death in 1906 AD, just after the passing of the Guanxu Emperor.
In the Time of Cixi's Rule, when she was in a way the Empress of China, her retirement Palace was built at Zhongnanhai, which was the place from which she ruled over the Emperor until a Foreign Invasion of Beijing forced them both to relocate to the Yiheyuan Summer Palace.
later it would become Mao Zedong's second Residence in Beijing after 'Liberation'.
Especially famous from this early time, 1949/50, when the new State was being prepared is the so called Fragrant Hills Hotel also known from earlier literature and descriptions as the Fragrant Hills Villa. As the latter shows, it was by no means a Hotel but a luxurious Villa which was located in a particularly beautiful and auspicious section of the Western Hills. This large Villa would become the first residence of Mao Zedong in Beijing after his return to the city as the Victor in the battle for China and political rule. With Mao, most of the other high ranking officials of the Communist Party moved into the complex. Only Zhou Enlai was destined to move to Zhongnanhai at an early stage as he was the one in charge of oversight for the reconstruction of the Zhongnanhai Palace and Garden into the new Headquarters of the New Chinese State.
Today the Fragrant Hills Villa can be visited, as it is a part of the grounds of the renowned Fragrant Hills Park. Today no longer part of the grounds (the park) just beyond to the north-west stands the Temple of the Azure Clouds and its majestic Pagoda, whereas the Beijing Botanical Gardens and the Temple of the Reclining
Buddha, equally renowned historical landmarks so beautifully described by the first foreign visitors to Beijing during the colonial era and the final decline of the feudal Qing Dynasty. Although not often well described in travel guides for the city of Beijing and a
little bit hard to reach by public transport, a visit to the western hills and the various temples can only be worth your while, and at nearly any time of the year.
As for the choice of the western hills for the early Party
Leaderships Headquarters, its secluded position away from the central city combined with its spectacular monuments, historic legacy and sceneries give enough reasons for most visitors to the area.
Haidian District
Monuments and Hotspots
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of the Imperial palace of the Emperors. Mao moved to Zhongnanhai in september of 1950, chosing as his official residence -not insignificantly- the former Palace of Empress-Dowager Tzu-Hsi (Cixi aka Jehonella), who had been the de facto last Emperor of the now dead Qing Dynasty. Most people think Cixi's favorite Palace was the Yiheyuan Summer Palace, and that as a concubine and court
lady, she had several different residences throughout her years inside the 'Forbidden City'. However, this leaves out the most interesting part, the part where the Empress-Dowager stole the
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China Central Television Tower
Hidden away outside the main city 2nd ringroad, north-west from the City Center in Haidian District is the World Famous Beijing Zoo. Formerly an Imperial Garden, since about the Declaration of the Peoples Republic in 1949 AD it is China's number One and
National Zoo.  Now rapidly modernising with markedly improved living quarters for the animals and a huge inland seaquarium, the Zoo is home to a multitude of endangered asian animal species, including the Giant Panda and it's small cousin the Lesser or Red Panda. Don't miss out on the Zoo if you visit Haidian !
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Yuyuantan Lake and Park
Beijing Planetarium
Beijing Gymnasium
Beijing Gymnasium
Yanqing Temple
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Zijin Hall
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Zhengyue Temple - Yuanmingyuan Park
Zhengjue Temple at YuanMingYuan
Ruins Dadu Palace o/t Yuan Dynasty
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Tomb of Matteo Ricci
Fragrant Hills Park
Temple of the Azure Clouds (Biyun Si)
Beijing Botanical Garden - South Dependance
Beijing Ethnic Minorities Cultural Park
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Olympic Forest Park
Madian Mosque
Temple of the Azure Clouds (Biyun Si)
Temple of the Reclining Buddha (Wofo Si)
Incense Burning Peak, Fragrant Hills Park
Old Summer Palace Park - Yuanmingyuan Gongyuan
Zhengjue Temple, Old Summer Palace Park (Yuanmingyuan Gongyuan)
Eight Great Sights Temples aka Badachu Park
Purple Bamboo Park
Millennium Monument
Dongsheng Wenti Park
Ruins Dadu Palace Yuan Dynasty
Madian Mosque
Deshengmen City Gate
Yuquanshan - Jade Spring Mountain
Jade Spring Mountain (Yuquanshan) - Military Zone
Jade Spring Mountain (Yuquanshan) - Military Zone
Miaoyun Temple
Li Dazhao Martyrs Cemetery
Fuhui Temple
Suzhou Street Ancient Mosque
Ancient Mosque of Suzhou Street
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