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Shijingshan District Landmarks & Hotspots
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Seventeen Arch Bridge at Summer Palace Bejing, China
Seventeen Arch Bridge at Summer Palace Bejing, China Photographic Print
Beanland, Glenn
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A Detailed Geographic Map overview of West and North-West Beijing City Province highlighting some of main monuments and scenic spots of the Mentugou District. Clearly visible - Mentougou District is an outlying district with few connections to the Inner City of Beijing.
The unique architectural relic of the 17-Arch Bridge at Kunming Lake, apart of the large and lush Summer Palace Gardens on the Northern Edge of Haidian District.
The Shijingshan District lies
due West out of Beijing City Center
and lies wedged between west-Haidian District and the North Borders of Fengtai District. Recently integrated as part of the larger City Metropolis by ways of the Fifth Ring Road of the City, today's Shijingshan is no longer a Village but a designated residential District of Beijing.
None of the Top 100 tourist sights & monuments of Beijing are located in Shijingshan, and none are reviewed on this web site (so far). No Olympic Venues and Architectural Wonders of the City lie in Shijingshan. The most popular venues of the district are the Badachu Park (also known as the Eight Great Sights Temples) and the Shijingshan Amusement Park (Beijing Shijingshan Youleyuan).

The Badachu Temple Park is collection of Temples spread about the foothills of the Western Hills.

The Shijingshan Amusement Park is a Theme Park opened in 1986 AD, but not on most tourist itineraries. In 2007 the Theme Park was exposed as among things- a copy of Walt Disney World and it is engaged in Legal Battles. Apart from a Cinderella Castle-like structure and an attraction that was at least inspired by EPCOT's Space Ship Earth, there is a thrilling inverted hanging roller-
Even more outlying and surrounding Shijingshan in the North, West and South-West is the Mentougou District, a part of the next city province layer of the 6 outlying suburbs
Subway/Metro Line 1, the Red Line shuttles between Shijingshan District in the West and Chaoyang District in the East. Travel easily from the City Center into Shijingshan District along the extended Line 1 since early 2008 AD.

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Full Map of the Beijing Subway System of 2008 AD - Click Map for FULL Version !
The Fahai Temple (Chinese: 法海寺; pinyin: Fǎhǎi Sì) is the main temple in Shijingshan District. Located at the foot of Cuiwei Mountain, about two kilometers to the north-east of Moshikou, this Ming Dynasty Era Buddhist Temple is renowned for its Frescoes. 236.7 Square Meters of unique Frescoes dating from the Zhengtong Reign (+/- 1439 AD - 1443 AD) can be found inside.
Reach Shijingshan and the Amusement Park through Line 1 of the Subway/Metro System.

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Full Google Map of Shijingshan Amusement Park, Shijingshan District of Beijing.
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