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Chaoyang District once a drab industrial suburb now serves as the glamourous Central Business District of Beijing. Apart from a few historic landmarks most of the District is fully modern with many shopping malls and cultural venues as well as parks to visit. A large section is reserved for Embassies and Consulates. The architecture of the district keeps changing, making it one of the most interesting districts in the Metropolis.
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Partial Map of Chaoyang at Holiday Inn Lido, Great Wall Sheraton and Factory 798
A guide map to Holiday Inn Lido, China International Exhibition Center, Sheraton Great Wall Hotel and the famous Art Factory 798 at the Dashanzi Art District.
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A Geographic Map of North-East ChaoYang District (2007).
This Map shows the North-East Half of ChaoYang District focusing on the Main Landmarks and the most developed parts of the rapidly transforming ChaoYang District in the West. Borders are in the West (Left) The 3rd Ring Road, in the South the Main Railway Line leading East out of Beijing Main Railway Station south and below JianguoMen Outer (Nei) Street (Dajie'). Find Silk Alley, the Place, various Embassies and More on the Map !
A Geographic Map of North ChaoYang District (2010).
This Map depicts North ChaoYang District focusing on the 2008 Olympic Green (or Olympic Park) in the recently transformed North section of ChaoYang District. Included in the map are large parts of Haidian District in the West (Left), a small part of Changping District in the North, and minor parts of Dongcheng District and Xicheng District in the South.
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A Geographic Map of North Central ChaoYang District (2004).
This by now dated Map the north central Chaoyang District and the trajectory of the Airport Expressway between Dongzhimen Shunyi District. This map roughly covers the area between Andingmen in the Dongcheng District in the south west, the Olympic Center (not completely on the map) in the north west, the Dashanzi Art District in the north east and Sun Park and the top of Chaoyang Park in the south east. Landmarks include Lama Temple, Ditan Park, Sanlitun Bar Area, north Embassy District, University of International Finance and Economy, Lufthansa Center, Sun Park, Chaoyang Park and more.
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Geographic Map Dongcheng-ChaoYang Districts (2007).
This detailed geographic offers an at a glance overview of both the Dongcheng District and Central portion of the much larger Chaoyang District and all Monuments, Landmarks, hotspots and places of interest there in. Viewable land area includes all between the Forbidden City in the south west, Ditan Park in the north, the 3rd ring road in the east and Jianguomen Outer Street in the south. Notably, this includes a large section of what has become the CBD Central Business District of Chaoyang. Latest architectural landmarks and facilities are included.
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Satellite Image Map of Olympic Park / Ethnic Museum (2008).
This Satellite Imaged Map dated to July 2008 gives an overview of the various structures of the Olympic Park of Beijing and the adjoining Ethnic Minorities Cultural Park (or museum) and wider area. The Olympic Park and Ethnic Museum are situated on the central axis of the ancient Imperial City and are located on the border of Haidian District and Chaoyang District in north suburban Beijing.
This Map identifies all major structures of the Olympic Park including all Stadia and various service buildings. In addition, the assorted structures of the Ethnic Minorities Cultural Park as well as service points, subway stations and Hotels are highlighted where relevant and possible.
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Extreme South of Chaoyang + Beijing Daxian District - Yizhuang High Technology Economic Development Zone Map,
Beijings Yi Zhuang district is a Part of Daxing District that was developped as a High Technology Development Zone.
The Yi Zhuang Zone is located approximately 16.5 Km (10 miles) to the South-East of central Beijing and by now is home to about 20 more enterprises ranked among the worlds top 500. Factories of YiZhuang Zone include Nokia, Coca-Cola, GE, Mercedes-Benz, as well as Pharmaceutical and Medical.
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