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This Forbidden City Map gives a general overview of The Forbidden City area. The Map includes to the North - The Palace Museum ( Forbidden City ) within its walls and surrounding moat, to the
Introduction to the Forbidden City Map
17) Baohedian
- Hall of Preserving Harmony
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A Map off Greater TiananMen Square Area and Forbidden City plus surroundings
13) Harmony Square
5) DuanMen
4) Imperial Library Vault / Wanfung Gallery
9) East Flowery Gate (DongHuaMen)
25) Northern Gate of Divine Militairy Might
10) West Flowery Gate
8) Wumen - Meridian Gate & Five Phoenix Tower
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14) Taihedian
- Hall of Supreme Harmony
11) Golden River Bridges
More highly detailed Version of this Map with names of all structures, buildings and pavillions inside the Forbidden City ( Area )
6) Imperial Ancestral Shrine
Northern Gate of Divine Militairy Might
Taihedian - Hall of Supreme Harmony
Tian An Men = Gate of Heavenly Peace
Du An Men = Gate of ??
Imperial Ancestral Temple
Wumen - Meridian Gate & Five Phoenix Tower
DongHuaMen - East Flowery Gate
XiHuaMen - West Flowery Gate
Harmony Square
ZhongHeDian - Hall of Intermediate Harmony
BaoHeDian - Hall of Preserving Harmony
16) ZhongHedian
- Hall of Medium Harmony
23) Palace
of Heavenly Purity
Palace of Heavenly Purity
Imperial Palace Gardens
24) Imperial Palace Gardens
27) Jingshan Park - Coal / Prospect Hill
South Entrance to Jingshan Park
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Gate of Heavenly Purity
20) Gate of Heavenly Purity
TaiHe Men = Gate of Supreme Harmony (Exterior & Interior)
18) Nei Ting - Inner Court access Square
Palace of Peace and Tranquillity
North-Eastern & Norther Palace Walls
26) Northern Palace Walls
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Park o/t Peoples Culture & Golden River
Former Imperial Library - Wanfung Gallery
3) Tian An Men = Gate of Heavenly Peace
2) Gate into Zhongshan Park
19) Gate & Palace of Peace & Tranquillity
Nei Ting - Inner Court Entrance Square
21) West Long Corridor
22) East Long Corridor
West Long Corridor
East Long Corridor
12) Tiahe Men - Gate of Supreme Harmony
Golden River Bridges o/t Inner Golden Stream
Square Altar
7) Square Altar
South-Western Wall + Moat
Gate to ZhongShan Park and Sun Yat-Sen Park
South : Wumen or the Official South Gate of the Palace Museum and Forbidden City Grounds with beyond it the Zhongshan Park with behind it and to the North the connected Sun Yat-Sen Park (so named after the " Father of the Revolution " and 1st President o/t 1st Republic of China) and its Sun Yat-Sen Shrine Hall (Bai Dian).
In the South-East Corner of Outer Palace (the Outer Imperial City) lies todays the Park of the Peoples Culture, the Hutong on both sides adjacent Nanchizi Dajie' and the Affiliate Site of The Imperial Palace, the Imperial Library Vault (with inside an annex Hall todays Wanfung Modern Art Gallery).
The most Southern Gate depicted is Tian An Men ( or the Gate of Heavenly Peace ) that stands at the North of Tian An Men Square. In the Past there was another Gate halfway between TiananMen and QianMen, giving access to the Outer Imperial City. Outside of this was the Realm of the Chinese Commoner. The entire map area is locally referred to as Forbidden City or GuGong. The Palace Grounds proper, constructed in the Ming Dynasty, are known as the Palace Museum, a United Nations World Heritage Site and the largest preserved group of wooden buildings in the World.
1) Park o/t Peoples Culture
15) Archery Field & Pavilion
Archery Field & Pavilion
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The year 2007 Official schematic Map of The Forbidden City, by The Palace Museum. With links to further information on the various sections.
Since new sections have been opened to the public as one will find when browsing the various available Maps of the  Palace Museum.
Click through to Palace Museum Schematic Map 02
Historic 1960's Era Unofficial schematic Map of The Forbidden City aka The Palace Museum complementary to the oficial Palace Museum Schematic Map and revealing various former functions of sections and Halls plus location there of. Follow links to additionnal information on each site.
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