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This Official Forbidden City Map gives a schematic overview of The Forbidden City area.
The Map includes to the North and Top of this Map: The Palace Museum ( Forbidden City ) within its walls, gates and surrounding moat , to the South and bottom of this Map: Gate of the Meridian (Wumen) or the main South Gate of the Palace Museum and Forbidden City Grounds. The most Southern Gate depicted is Wu Men ( or the Gate of the Meridian ) that historically served as the Palaces' Main Gate and is now The Palace Museum Main Gate.
The Gate of the Meridian stands at the North of Tian An Men at TiananMen Square and the Upright Gate (DuanMen) North of TiananMen. The entire map area is locally referred to as Forbidden City or GuGong. The Palace Grounds proper are known as the Palace Museum. The Palace Museum is China's number one tourist attraction, a United Nations World Heritage Site and the largest preserved group of wooden buildings in the World.
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Introduction to the Forbidden City (The Palace Museum) Official Schematic Map
A Short Photo Introduction Tour of The Palace Museum
8) Harmony Square
2) DuanMen
1) Tian An Men = Gate of Heavenly Peace
5) East Flowery Gate (DongHuaMen)
28) Northern Gate of Divine Military Might
6) West Flowery Gate
4) Wumen - Meridian Gate & Five Phoenix Tower
11) Baohedian - Hall of Preserving Harmony
9) Taihedian - Hall of Supreme Harmony
7) Tiahe Men - Gate of Supreme Harmony
A detailed Map with names of all structures, buildings and pavillions inside the Forbidden City ( Area )
Two detailed Maps with names of all structures, buildings and pavillions inside the Forbidden City ( Area )
3) Imperial Ancestral Shrine
Northern Gate of Divine Militairy Might
Tiahedian - Hall of Supreme Harmony
Tian An Men = Gate of Heavenly Peace
Du An Men = Gate of ??
Imperial Ancestral Temple
Wumen - Meridian Gate & Five Phoenix Tower
DongHuaMen - East Flowery Gate
XiHuaMen - West Flowery Gate
Harmony Square
ZhongHeDian - Hall of Intermediate Harmony
BaoHeDian - Hall of Preserving Harmony
10) ZhongHedian - Hall of Medium Harmony
25) Palace of Heavenly Purity
Palace of Heavenly Purity
Imperial Palace Gardens
27) Imperial Palace Gardens
30) Jingshan Park - Coal / Prospect Hill
South Entrance to Jingshan Park
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Palace of Heavenly Purity
14) Gate of Heavenly Purity
TaiHe Men = Gate of Supreme Harmony
Palace of Peace & Tranquillity (Kun Ning Gong)
29) Northern Palace Walls
Gate &
Palace of Peace & Tranquillity
Hall of State Satisfaction
19) Mental Cultivation
24) Bronzes Exhibit
Palace Museum Bronzes Collection
15) Ceramics
23)Palace of Serving the Ancestors - Clocks & Watches Museum
Palace Museum Bronzes Collection
26) Palace of Tranquil Earth
Palace of Tranquil Earth - Chun Ning Gong
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13) Inner Court Entrance Square
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16)Archery Field + Pavilion
17)Nine Dragon Screen
18)Imperial Zenith Gate
20)Treasures & Gifts Museum
21) Hall Norms o/t Government
22) Gate Peace & Longevity
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31) Hall of Military Spirit
32) Gate of Military
32) Hall of South Fragrance
33) West Gate of Harmony
34) East Gate of Harmony
38) Hill Accumulating Elegance
36) Hall of Literary Flowers
35) Eastern Outer Road
37) Imperial
Unofficial schematic Map of The Forbidden City aka The Palace Museum revealing the various former functions of sections and Halls.
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39) Pavilion Joyful Nelodies
41) Pearl Concubine Well
40) Ancient Flowery Porch
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