This wintertime Satellite Image gives a clear image overview of the Simatai Great Wall of China
Site due North-East of Beijing. Clearly visible running from the South to the North-West is the Simatai Pass through which runs a River (Icy in winter). The River is dammed where the Great
Wall of China crosses. In the East inside the Great Wall are farmlands of Simatai Village.
The Simatai Park Entrance lies at the south of the Site and is a considerable distance walking from the actual Great Wall entry point, the start of the steep climb uphill on the Great
Wall. From the Parking Space and Park entrance take either a walk (roughly) along
the Eastern River Banks, or, if you would like to conserve your energy for later then
take the open air cable car ride to a point a short but steep walk beneath the Top of
the Simatai Ridge on the Last Simatai Great Wall Tower. The Eastern Wall Section
has been partially closed at its most impressive and dangerous point after a tourist
                                                                               fatally plunged down along the
                                                                               Cliff. The remaining part of the
                                                                               Wall beyond this point is only one
                                                                               brick wide.
                                                                               The Western Section of the
                                                                               Simatai Wall across the River is
                                                                               named JingShanLing and
                                                                               accesible from the West.
Introduction to Simatai Great Wall of China Site Satellite Image
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Simatai location on the Great Wall of China near Beijing :
Satellite Image of North-Eastern China and Mongolia with the path of Great Wall of China through China. Location and Passes highlighted-  for your reference, by The China Report
Boat-launching pier
Entry Point Simatai Great Wall Section East
Simatai Village
Western Section - Great Wall at Simatai
Arrival and Parking Area
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Cable Car Ride - To and From Wall
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Great Wall of China Map
Path to Great Wall along River
Closed Section (Crumbled Ledge)
Boat-launching pier
Great Wall
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