Follow the Large Arrows where East Chang'An Avenue and the (Former) West Legation Street lead away from TiananMen Square into the Former (Boxer War) Legation Street and Area.
Below on this Map south Great Hall of the Peoples street and West Chang An Avenue lead away to The National Theatre Dome.
The below  Satellite Image of Tian an Men Square, or The Square of Heavenly Peace, clearly shows the TiananMen Square and all structures on it. These are from South to North -  1) Qianmen ( The South Gate ) , 2) ShenyangMen ( Arrow Tower ) , 3) Chairman Mao Zedong Mausoleum , 4) The Monument to the Heroes of The Revolution ,  5) the National Flag Stand and Finally at the North Side of TiananMen Square, 6) Tianan Men ( Gate of Heavenly Peace ). Parts of surrounding Landmarks & Monuments such as The Great Hall of the Peoples and the opposite Museum of the Revolution and Chinese History (recently renamed National Museum of China) are also visible.
Mouse over Image to reveal Names and Positions of all landmarks & monuments. Beijing Report photographed Monuments are highlighted by a Red Dot with corresponding link that leads to the appropriate Virtual Tour Page and lots of Photos and info on your monument of Choosing.
Not on this Map ! : Tianan Men ( Gate of Heavenly Peace), only the 5 bridges leading up to the Gate are visible. The Same goes for The Great Hall of the Peoples of which the front Gardens at TiananMen Square are visible and The Museum of the Revolution of which only the front park and stairs can be recognized.
Introduction to Satellite Image of TiananMen Square
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Map of TiananMen Square and direct Area
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The Old Station of the Beijing-Fengtian Railway
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ShenyangMen and QianMen as seen from The Great Hall of The People (Photo-Page)
Monument to The Heroes of The Revolution at TiananMen Square Main Photo-Report
To Forbidden City via Tian an Men, Duan Men
To Forbidden City via Tian an Men, Duan Men
Head South down QianMen Dajie, to Dashilan Street, and further on to the Wansheng Theatre
West End of (Former) West Legation Street - Dongjiaomin Alley
To (Former) West Legation Street, Police Museum, Capital Hotel
QianMen (Former) Hutong
Dwell into (Former) Hutong Lanes of QianMen-Chongwen Area.
To (Former) Hutong Lanes of Xuanwu-Dashilan - Liu Lichang Area.
Xuanwu Dashilan-Liu Lichang  Hutong Area
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Beijing, Oriental Plaza
Former Shops of QianMen - South Side of Square of Heavenly Peace
QianMen - Front Gate Tower
Into the Former Legations Quarter
To QianMen Dongdajie' , Supreme Peoples Court, etc
To Great Hall of the Peoples West Street (Renmin Dahui Tang Xi Lu) and the National Theatre.
Read More on the Gate of Heavenly Peace and the Monuments of the Northern Section of Tian'AnMen Square
Explore the Flanks of the Giant Square of Heavenly Peace
Find out More about the Monuments at Southern Section of the Largest Square in the World !

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