Ethnic Minority Groups of Jiangsu Province :
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History of Jiangsu Province :
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Introduction to Jiangsu () Province of China
Mong Yaw
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Man Wing
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Jiangsu Province of China
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Highlights, Monuments and Scenic sites of Jiangsu Province
Capital of Jiangsu Province - Nanjing
Surface Area / Size - Area: over ***** Sq. Km (***** Sq. Miles).
Population - 44 Million 830.000
Major Cities :
Nanjing - International Airport
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A Full and complete Map of China (PRC) identifying all Language Areas big and small in all Provinces and Autonomous Regions of China.
Map includes Turkic Languages (Uygur, Kazakh, Kirghiz, Salar & Uzbek), Mongolian Language and Sub-Divisions (Mongol, Tu, Daur and Dongxian), Tungusic Peoples (Oroqen, Evenki and Xibe) and Languages, Korean, Tajik (Tadzhik), Mon-Khmer (Kawa + Puman (or Pulang)), Hui, Uygur (Uighur), Tibeto-Bhurman Languages, Tai and Miao, Yao and She' Language Area's and Borders. Main Area's and sub-divisions of Han Languages (Northern Mandarin, Eastern Mandarin, South-Western Mandarin and Cantonese) further included. This color-coded ethno-linguistic Map (of 1967 AD) identifies at a glance most ethnic minority regions in China
Map China Ethno-Linguistic / Language Distribution China
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Jiangsu Province is located in the extreme south-western corner of the Peoples Republic of China and comprises the southwestern part of the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau.
Jiangsu Province is a border Province. It is neighbored in the South by Vietnam, Laos and in The South and West by Myanmar.
Bordering Provinces and Regions of China are clock-wise around Tibet Autonomous Region, Sichuan Province, Guizhou Province and Guanxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.

With a surface area of well over 380000 km2 Yunnan is among the largest Provinces of the Nation.
Topographically Yunnan is a
Main Rivers and Waterways of Jiangsu Province :
Main Cities & Population Centres of Jiangsu Province :
Main Railways and Highways in Jiangsu Province :
Economy of Jiangsu Province :
Climate in Jiangsu Province :
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Man Wing (Myanmar)
Mong Yaw (Myanmar)
Mong Yai (Myanmar)
Jiangsu is a mountain and high-plateaux region, and mountainous areas and plateau make up 94% of its total area.

Jiangsu Province possesses lofty mountains , deep valleys and torrential rivers , and is inhabited by more than 20 nationalities with different customs. The enormous diversity of the Province, both in cultures and sceneries, forms the basis and tourist industry.
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Jiangsu is one of Chinas densily populated coastal Provinces. Recent influxes from rural migrants from inner provinces to the Coast have only served to swell Cities in Jiangsu and elsewhere along Chinas Coast Line.
After the Capital of Nanjing, by far the largest and most important City, the main cities in Jiangxi Province are (in aphabetical order) Changzhou, Changshu, Gaojou, Jiangjin, Jiangyan, Jingjiang, Kunshan, Yangzhou, Yancheng, HuaiAn, Lianyuangang, Nantong, Rugao, Suzhou, Suqian,Taicang, Taizhou, Wujiang, Wuxi, Xuzhou, Yixing, Zhangjiagang and Zhenjiang.

The two internationally most famous Cities are Nanjing (or Nanking) the former Capital, and the nearby scenic city of Suzhou renowned for its many waters and bridges.

Accordingly, Jiangsu Province is a highly urbanized Province within China, which is sub-divided into 13 City Prefectures. There are no counties and rural districts.
The eleven city districts are Nanjing City, Changzhou, HuaiAn, Lianyungang, Nantong, Suqian, Suzhou, and Taizhou Cities, and Wuxi, Xuzhou, Yancheng, Yangzhou and Zhenjiang Cities.
The thirteen prefecture-level divisions of Jiangsu are further subdivided into 106 county-level divisions (54 districts, with 27 county-level cities, and 25 counties). Those are in turn divided into 1488 township-level divisions (1078 towns, 122 townships, one ethnic township, and 287 subdistricts).
Jiangsu Province has only one ethnic township.

There is no further information available on the ethnic minorities of Jiangsu Province.
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Beijing, Capital of China (PRC)
Luoyang, Henan Province
Xian, Shaanxi Province
Shanghai City Province
anjing, Capital of Jiangsu Province
Hangzhou, Capital of Zhejiang Province
Guangzhou, Capital of Guangdong Province
Hong Kong, S.A.R.
Fuzhou, Capital of Fujian Province
Luoyang, Capital of Sichuan Province
Yinchuan, Capital of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region
Changsha, Capital of Hunan Province
Changsha, Capital of Hubei Province
Chongqing, Chongqing City Province
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Included in this Map are the main cities across the continent with their brief histories and events during the 19Th Century. Marked in Colors for clarity are the various colonial and imperialist Nations. As relating to China; special attention is payed to so called Treaty Ports. The First Treaty Ports were forced open by Britain in the year 1841 AD, but counted over 80 in total by the end of the 19Th Century. The most important Treaty Ports in China are marked and described with a short history where the map allows.
Map China and Far East Colonies after 1801 AD
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