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Chinese Cinema and Film
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Review and Backgrounds to the Bertolucci Epic
* The Last Emperor
* Burning of Imperial Palace - Review coming soon !
Read about the Sister Movie of "Reign behind a Curtain"
Reign behind the Curtain, story of the Rise to Power of Empress Dowager Cixi
* Reign behind a Curtain (1983) - Review and Backgrounds
* Not One Less - Full review coming soon !!
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Reign behind a Curtain, the 1983 film depicting the Death of Ching Emperor Hsien Feng and the ensuing chaos at the Imperial Court ending in the Rise to Power of Empress-Dowager Hsu Tsi.
Set at the beautiful Summer Palace , where after the 1890 invasion and burning of the Imperial Palace the Emperor had fled, Reign behind the Curtain takes the viewer back to 19Th century Imperial Days and is an accurate depiction of the XXX Coup DÉtat that brought China's most hated lady to power, as well as a true documentary of now forgotten chinese imperial culture.
* The Story of Qui Ju
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The Story of Qui Ju - A relatively modern Chinese movie depicting the ordinary life of a Chinese peasant family and the troubles of lady of the House Qui Ju.
After her husband is mistreated by the Village Elder Boss, Qui Ju does not accept an unjust verdict/ settlement in the case of her husband. A struggle for justice ensues.
The story of Qui Ju, a beautiful movie giving insight into ordinary life in rural China, depicting Chinese Farm life.
Excellent scenes of China's country-side with very nice Red Pepper farm footage. Learn about Chinese social customs and class-devides.
Sometimes a bit elongated, lenghty or slow for western perception, the story of Qui Ju is not an action movie nor a thriller. However, a great depiction of the small in Chinese Society with a strong political message.
( Movie was banned in China, not anymore ).
Alberto Bertolucci's masterpiece the Last Emperor, awarded with 9 Oscars among which Best Movie ( of the Year ). Based largely on Aisin-Gioro Pu Yi's autobiography titled " From Emperor to Citizen " , this classic movie depicts the decline and ending days of China's last Imperial Dynasty the Ching.
Starting with the Death of infamous Empress-Dowager Hsu Tsi, also know as Cixi the Dragon Lady, the viewer is taken through the younger years of Pu Yi' living as a child-Emperor locked-in in his own Palace. After many years of decline and uncertainty, which are depicted in short but with unique scenes from the The Palace Museum ( Forbidden City ), the movie moves to Manchukuo and the days of Japanese "protection", showing Pu Yi' as a more westernised playboy.
Still later Aisin-Gioro's long imprisonment in China and his reforming his mental-attitude days follow, depicting his transformation from left-handed Imperial Elite to a more adapt citizen, finally ending with his release from jail and the achievent of having a normal life.

The Last Emperor is heart-warming the story of the tragic life of China's Last Emperor Aisin-Gioro Pu Yi, also know as Emperor Hsuan Tung (Swen Tung). A 3 hour plus movie with unique and historic footage of the Imperial Palace Museum of Beijing, including accurate reconstruction of Imperial Court-life, the war years and the personal devellopment of this Great Man who managed to survive it all. An absolute must-see for China lovers and visitors to the Imperial Palace Museum of China.
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* Little Chinese Seemstress - Full review coming soon !!
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* The Blue Kite - Review coming soon !
Review of The Blue Kite
* To Live - Full review coming soon !!
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