Yi, the Yi Ethnic Minority of China :
Yi Ethnic Minority in China :
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The Yi Ethnic Minority is the 7Th Largest Ethnic Minority Group in China.
Yi Ethnic Culture in China :
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The Yi Ethnic Minority is the 7Th largest Ethnic Group in China, with 7.762.500 ethnic Yi Citizens counted in China in the Year 2000 AD census.
The Yi Ethnic Groups mainly reside in South and South-West China. The majority live in Yunnan Province, wheras others are scattered over a large geographic area in Sichuan and Guizhou Province and Guanxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.
History of the Yi Ethnic Group in China :

The ancestors of the Yi minority in China immigrated into
Language :

The Yi People have their own spoken and written language. There are numerous Yi Classics in history, philosophy and religion as well as Literature.
Festivals of the Yi Ethnic Group - XXX and others :
Social Life and Customs :

Much of the traditional lifestyle of the Yi ..
Residence :

Traditional Yi Village are small agricultural villages in remote mountainous area's. A typical village counts around 20 to 30 households. However - even for the Yi People many things are changing in China and their hometown in the new Millenium. Urban migration affects even the Yi.
Traditional Dress :

The Yi People today are very much conscious of their unique culture and its beauties. Thus, traditional garments are still frequently worn. The various different ethnic branches or clans of the Yi People, make for a variety of colorful robes and garments.
Diet / Food :

As a result of....
Economy :

The traditional economic means of the Yi people are those of agriculture. In some area's there was historically also a practice of animal husbandry.
Religion :

The earliest Yi practiced ancestor worship and worhsip of Nature and Natural objects and animals. Today in some parts of Yunnan and Guizhou some clans of Yi have converted to Taoism and Buddhism. Many youth in China including a small minority of Yi, have lost a context of religion and should be considered Atheist or non-alligned.
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Basically, ..
Soundbonus: Chinese Ethnic Dance "Dance of the Yi People". Music performed by Lia Fang.
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