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News on Chinese Environment, Wildlife Preservation and Natural Resources:
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China News
This page was last updated on: 1/5/2017
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Chinese News & Press Agencies :
* China Daily News Paper
* Beijing Xinhua Official Government News Agency
Choice of Language !
Choice of Language !
News on China In General :
China Regional News :
* South China Morning Post (Hong Kong SAE)
* South China Morning Post (Hong Kong)
Asia' s Leading English speaking Newspaper
* CNN Asian Edition Online
* European Internet - Inside China Today
European Internet, subject China
Foreign News & Press Agencies with news on China & Region
* Beijing Daily Group (Beijing Municipality)
Beijing Daily Group
Small English content, mostly Chinese language.
Asia' s Leading English speaking Newspaper
* Shanghai Wen Hui Bao / Shanghai Daily Newspaper
Guang Dong Jin Yang Network
* GuangDong Province, Jin Yang Network & Information
Small English content, mostly Chinese language.
News on Chinese Economy & Trade:
* China Trade News
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Shanghai Wen Hui Bao Newspaper
Chinese language
* Shanghai Daily Newspaper English Edition
English Language
Various News & Internet-Press Agencies with news on China & Region - varying quality !!
* Wall Street Journal (W.S.J.) - Online
Nyew Yorks✧ Wall Street Journal - Online
* Shanghai Star Online
Choice of Language !
* China Online - information network for China
China Online - The information network for China
English Language
* Beijing News (Beijing Municipality)
Beijing News Online
Chinese language
* The People' s Daily News Paper (CC-Party Newspaper)
People' s Daily -Most Important National Newspaper
Chinese language
* Beijing Review - Online
Beijing Review weekly Magazine Online
English Language
China Radio International :
China Central TV :
Choice of Language !
Choice of Language !
China Central Television
* China Political - Daily Political News Online
by World News
China Political News Acurate
The New York Times International HomePage
* The New York Times International -
  Excellent reporting on China in all aspects by and its correspondents
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* UK Daily Telegraph Online
  China Correspondent Michael Moore
Daily Telegraph China Correspondent: Malcolm Moore
* Beijing Xinhua Official Government News Agency - Intl
* Pakistan Daily Times - Online
  The New Voice for a New Pakistan
Pakistan's Leading Internet Newspaper
Whereas News on China was still rare and at times quite difficult to beget, in the new millenium China has become one of the major economical and political powers in a rapidly changing world. No news agency can take itself seriously without keeping track of the main events in the worlds most populous nation. Below is a short listing of News Agencies and their websites, frequently visited by DrBen and his China Report Staff, or otherwise just popular in the mainstream of China followers who use twitter, facebook, micro-blogs and other social media to keep track.
* The Globe and Mail - Online Version
The Globe and Mail Newspaper, Toronto, Canada.
* Al Jazeera - Online
Al Jazeera - based in Doha, Qatar Emirate.
* REUTERS - Online
China News Digest
This page was last updated on: 1/5/2017
* The Times of India  - Online
Times of Inida International Edition Online
* The Global Post - Online
The Global Post - Out of Boston, U.S.A.
* The Guardian (UK)
  China Correspondent Tania Branigan in Beijing
Guardian China Correspondent: Tania Branigan
* The Daily Beast - Online
The Daily Beast -
* China news Digest (CND) - Online
China News Digest
* RADIO FREE ASIA ; - Online
  Bringing Free Press to Closed Societies
Radio Free Asia - Washington D.C., U.S.A.
* The Shanghaiist - Online
The Shanghaiist -
Shanghaiist is part of Gothamist LLC, the most visited network of city blogs on the Internet today. Founded in 2005, Shanghaiist has emerged as one of the most popular English-language websites about China, covering local news, events, food, and entertainment for a diverse audience of young and affluent urbanites. Driven entirely by word-of-mouth, Shanghaiist has grown year-over-year by more than 100%, to more than 630K monthly page views in July 2010.
* HanHan Digest - Online
Translations from Han Han - most popular micro-blog dissident in China.
Follow Han Han, popular popstar, racing driver, business man, writer and blogger on one of the most popular micro-blogs in China today. This Ghost site gives English Language translations of what Han Han is posting and has posted on his Micro-blog. Courtesy: unnamed German Translation Service.
This Listing is topped by the Main and Official Chinese News Agencies, with the note that all of these are Chinese State owned entities, who operate under strict guidance from the Governing Chinese Communist Party.
Only the South China Morning Post is an exception and, for mainly historic reasons, operates on a much freeer basis.
* Wall Street Journal (W.S.J.) - Online
Nyew Yorks✧ Wall Street Journal - Latest News on China by Experts !
All worthwhile News on the Peoples Republic of China and all China News from the Wall Street Journal.
Check it directly on China Realtime, the WSJ Blog on China.
* Epoch Times.
Largest Chinese-language newspaper outside of Mainland China & Taiwan. The Chinese-language Epoch Times started publishing in response to the growing need for uncensored coverage of events in China. The first newspaper was published in New York in May 2000, web launch in August 2000.
Epoch Times - Largest Chinese Newspaper outside of Mainland China & Taiwan
* Asia Time - Online
  Registered in Hong Kong (S.A.R.).
European Internet, subject China
Special Interest - Agencies & Sites with news on specific subjects relating to China & Region -
* ChinaDialogue.Net - Online
Environmental News from- and on China ...
A News outlet dedicated to environmental news relating to China (P.R.C.) and wider regions. As stated in their Mission and on their website, ChinaDiaologue is 中国与世界,环境危机大家谈 i.e. where China and the World come together to discuss environmental issues of all kinds.
* - Hong Kong, Tokyo, Shanghai
Nyew Yorks✧ Wall Street Journal - Online
Internet Television for Business in Asia.
Asia's first independent television network for business executives provides business news, interviews and analysis with leading China and Japan business leaders.
* Greenpeace East Asia -
The Situation according to Greenpeace East Asia including China.
Everything Greenpeace wants you to know about Environmental Issues in China and East Asia.
Environmental News from- and on China ...
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