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Visitable Great Wall of China locations - Photo Tour(s) :
This Satellite Image clearly depicts China (P.R.C.) and East Asia. Super-imposed is a very rough schematic depiction of the location and path of the Great Wall of China as it existed during the various of the succeeding Dynasties in China's Feudal History.
Area's depicted are the Republic of Mongolia, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and large parts of north eastern China (Manchuria).

As mentioned in our Chapter on the Great Wall of China, the first ever long and continuous walls for border defense were built in the "Warring States period" (476 BC - 221 BC) which is considered as the last and final part of the Zhou Dynasty (1121 - 255 BC) era. Not many of these walls remain, however traces of them have been located in the area of Zhangjiakou (Mongolian: Kalgan), the important pass from the Mongolian Plains directly into Northern Hebei Province. Similar wall remains have also been located near Niangzi Pass and adjoining Yang Guan Pass on the border of Shanxi Province and Hebei Province which since at least the Ming Dynasty has been considered to be part of an Inner Layer of the Great Wall of China. Yet more sections were found in western Shandong Province and in souther Hebei Province near the cities of Baoding and Shijiazhuang.

The first ever continuous Great Wall of China was constructed during the Qin Dynasty Era (221 BC - 207 BC), mythically reaching from China's west a "10.000 Li" all the way to the Korean Peninsula. Made a rammed earth, there is a lot of historical proof of the true existence of this continuous wall, although true historical proof remains sparse. What should be clear at the very least is that during the Qin Dynasty a massive and very long rammed earth wall was built at some distance north of the Qin Dynasty Capital Xianyang (near current day Xi'An in Shaanxi Province). As much as historians and archeologists can reconstruct it at this time, the Inner Layer of the Qin Dynasty Great Wall was constructed along the south rim of the ordos desert, much in the same place as where the current day remains of the last wall, that of the Ming Dynasty Era can be found. The only solid remains of this wall can be found in the extreme north of Shaanxi Province, where the roughness of the terrain and the harshness of the climate make exploring difficult. Threatened by the advance of the desert and various types of erosion, the ruins currently found are not expected to last through the coming decades. Other sections of this Qin Era rammed mud wall were retraced exactly due north of Yanchi (Wuzhong Prefecture, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region) at a small town named Beidachi (in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region). Ruins of walls of three seperate dynastic era's can be found in this vital strategic region. The Qin Dynasty wall however is best seen on infrared satellite images of the area.
A second layer or part of the Qin Dynasty Era Great Wall have been found and traced more to the north, protecting area's in the "upper bend" of the Yellow River (Huang He) that were colonized during the brutal rule of the Qin Emperor and were the most exposed to nomadic raids from the North. In order for the colonization to succeed and hold, walls were built north of Hohhot and Baotou, were ruins can still be visited today.
Additional sections of Qin Era Great Wall are found extending eastward from Hohhot, leading into Inner Mongolia and beyond in various parts of Manchuria and even in the far eastern tip of the current day Republic of Mongolia.

The Great Wall of the Qin Dynasty had mostly crumpled and returned to dust by the time of the succesful years of the Reign of Emperor Han Wudi (141 BC - 81 BC) of the Western Han Dynasty (221 BC - 9 AD). As goes reported in the historical annals preserved or refound from this period ..
Most of the Great Wall as constructed during the Han Dynasty (206 BC - 221 AD) consisted thus of Castles and Fortresses, some wall section and further an abundance of watchtowers and beacon towers crucial in the sending of messages and essential for a speedy military response from within.

It was only centuries later, almost a millenium that renewed hostile threats from the north called for the construction of a new Great Wall of China. Where it was largely neglected during the military expansionist highpoints of the Tang Dynasty (618 AD - 907 AD), during the split of China in southern Song Dynasty (960 AD - 1279 AD) and Northern Jin Dynasty (1115 AD - 1234 AD), the use of the defense walls became once more of crucial importance.
Although the Jin were nervertheless overrun by the growing military powers of the rising Mongol Empire founded by Genghis Khan, their sophisticated use of Walls, Military Fortresses and what the Jin called a "Green Wall" (earthen ramparts with pallisades, horse traps and spikes) did slow the Mongolians down for a long time. Eventually however, the Mongolians learned siege techniques from captured Chinese Prisoners and were able to overcome the walls and city defenses.

The last version of the Great Wall of China was built under the rules of various Emperors during the reign of the Ming Dynasty (1368 AD - 1644 AD). Starting in earnest with the Reign of Zhu Di (Yongle), the construction and strenthening of sections of the Great Wall of China continued almost up until the final fall of that Dynasty in the year 1644 AD. There are too many Ming Dynasty Era sections of the Great Wall of China to mention on this page. For a full listing of all, please click through to: "Great Wall GPS Coordinates - All Sections of the Great Wall of China" or check our full Google generated "Satellite Image Map of the Great Wall of China".
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Schematic Map of Great Wall of China - Layers of Dynasties & Era's
Kangning Village, Xiaoman Township Great Wall of China - Gansu-Inner Mongolia Border (Outer Layer)
JiuQuan (Gansu Province)
JiYunGuan Pass
Beijing, Hebei
w Cliff)
PingXing Guan
Extended Arm
Yanchi Great Wall of China of Sui & Ming Dynasties - Ningxia/Shaanxi Border (Outer Layer)
<- Yanguan - Sun Gate Pass
YuMen Guan - Jade Gate Pass
Zhangjiakou (Kalgan) Pass
LongQuan Guan
Yang Guan Pass(es)
JiaYuGuan - No.1 Beacon Tower (Ming Dynasty Era) TaoLai River Gorge, Gansu Province (Outer Layer)
JiaYuGuan - Shi Guan Pass - Extended Arm Great Wall, Gansu Province (Outer Layer)
Sun Gate Pass- Fortress and Starting Point o/t Southern Route of the Silk Road
Xi'An (Shaanxi Province) at
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LuoYang  (Henan Province)
Chengde, Hebei
Datong (Shanxi Province)
Ningwu Guan
Lanzhou, Gansu Province
QingDao (Shandong Province)
Dunhuang, Gansu
Gobi Desert
Yinchuan, Capital of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, China (PRC)
PiYanGuan Pass - Interruption of Wall by Yellow River
Ngoring Hu
TaiYuan (Shanxi Province)
Ningwu Guan (Inner Layer)
YanMen Guan - Wild Goose Pass (Inner Layer)
PingXing Guan (Inner Layer)
Pian Guan + Wenbilingxiao Tower overlooking Yellow River (Outer Layer)
Badaling Pass & JiYunGuan Fortress, Hebei (Outer Layer)
Fengzhen Pass to Inner Mongolia (Outer Layer)
ShanHai Fortress, Hebei - "First Pass under Heaven " (Outer Layer)
JiaYuGuan Fortress, Gansu Province (Outer Layer)
Niangzi Guan - Womens' Pass & Yang Guan (Inner Layer)
JiaYuGuan (Gansu Province)
Jade Gate Pass- First Pass in the West , End of Tang Dynasty Great Wall of China - Start North Route Silk o/t Road
Below is an incomplete listing of Great Wall of China locations open to the General Public as historical and cultural treasure and Tourist Attraction.
Explore the Great Wall through 100's of Photo's and growing background information on each location and section of its totalled 8000 Miles. From Dandong at the Liaoning Province Eastern Border around Shenyang to Qinhuangdao and Shanhai Pass on the Bohai Sea Coast. Then from the Eastern Bohai Sea to Beijing, from Shanxi Province to Shaanxi Province, and then via Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region and the Gobi Desert of Inner Mongolia to wind up in Gansu Province in the far West of China, near Dunhuang at the edge of the Taklamakan Desert.
Browse the growing list of Photo Virtual Tours and Reports on the Great Wall of China.
Shenyang (Liaoning Province)
Tiger Mountain
<- Pass
Zhongwei Great Wall of China - Ningxia/Gansu Border (Outer Layer)
Dingbian Great Wall of China - Ningxia/Shaanxi Border (Outer Layer)
Yongchang Great Wall of China - Gansu Province (Outer Layer)
Sanguankou - Helan Pass Great Wall of China - Ningxia/Inner Mongolia Border (Outer Layer)
Sangguan Kou - Kelan Pass  (also: Helan), Ningxia Province
Yulin Great Wall of China - Shaanxi Province (Outer Layer) - 1403 AD Fortress + Beacon Tower constructed 1607 AD
LongQuan Guan (Inner Layer)
Shijiazhuang, Hebei
Zhangjiakou (Kalgan) Fortress + Great Wall (Outer Layer), Hebei Province
Huangya Guan/ Yellow Cliff - Sleeping Dragon among the Mountains - Great Wall of China (Inner Layer), Hebei-Tianjin Border
Jingbian Great Wall of China - Shaanxi Province (Outer Layer)
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Find out More o/t Great Wall, Locations and History ?
SimaTai Great Wall of China, Hebei (Outer Layer)
Mutianyu Great Wall of China, Hebei (Outer Layer)
Jinshanling Great Wall of China (Outer Layer), Hebei Province
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Map of Beijing City Province and ALL Locations of The Great Wall of China visitable within Beijing City Province and Immediate Vicinity.
Baotou, Inner Mongolia AR, China (PRC)
View the Path o/t Great Wall of China of the Ming Dynasty !
Wuwei (Gansu Province)
Zhangye (Gansu Province)
HuShan - Tiger Mountain Watch Tower - Great Wall of China on the Yalu River (Outer Layer)
Hohhot, Capital of Inner Mongolia AR, China (PRC)
View the Path o/t Great Wall of China of the Ming Dynasty !
Changchun (Jilin Province)
Guyuan (Ningxia Hui AR) - Ch'In Dynasty Era Great Wall
Xiahe'Yan (Ningxia Hui AR) - Ch'In Dynasty Era Great Wall
Zhengzhou (Henan Province)
Xining, Qinghai Province
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